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My Passion for a Healthy Lifestyle

by Avril Doucette 11 months ago in how to
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By: Avril Doucette

My Passion for a Healthy Lifestyle
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A bit about me. I have been an athlete since I was 6 years old. I had started as a competitive swimmer at a young age. Swimming was an outlet for me from my life and some of my childhood and family issues. I continued to compete in more Sports as a healthy outlet for me and to gain confidence and a positive mindset. I became a champion in over 9 sports, and went on to coach many other fitness, children, adults, amateur and professional athletes as well. Since a young age I didn’t want to eat meat. It was unappealing to me. My family forced me and I accepted it, at 13 I tried to be vegetarian after 8 months and nervous about vitamin deficiencies I stopped. By the time I was 24 I was eating mostly farm grown veggies and consuming organic meats.

Now, I have been Vegan for the past four years, and I am very passionate about being Vegan. I really believe that what you eat affects your body in either a position or negative way. I did it to accomplish a healthy lifestyle as well. With my diet I was having a lot of issues from having terrible skin, hair, digestive issues, energy, cravings, and mood swings. Through developing a healthy vegan diet I was able to control a lot of the health issues that I had struggled for years. Such as eczema and depression, the food and diet that I had eaten growing up didn’t help me to have the best life possible.

It created severe and chronic health issues, which I had cured with a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, plant based proteins and a small amount of carbs. I have never looked so young and been in the shape that I am as a result of the beauty products, skincare and food products I have. Along with a lot of healthy vitamins, minerals, teas and juices. With a specific platform I could help people convert from a meat based to Vegan diet without creating deficiencies and to maintain or to gain weight in a healthy way on a Vegan based diet.

Some of the biggest issues is that a Vegan person can’t be an athlete and lacks protein. A Lot of plant based proteins are higher in protein in consideration to their meat alternatives. I would like to provide support to those individuals that want to make the transition from meat to Veganism in order for them to get the help they need to make the change. As a beginning Vegan the resources were lacking but as my experience with a Raw Vegan, Processed vegan and Balanced-Diet Vegan trial and error process I believe I have achieved the mastery process through study, experimentation and experience. All of these areas can only be gained through time and error.

The amount of energy it takes to find suitable substitutes for Vegan options or the to have Vegan options that are full of processed items. Like a lot of diets the “Vegan” options can be as much processed as the non Vegan options. Or the general idea of what to buy when you go to the grocery store can also be difficult as well. From the staples that should build up your panty to the fresh fruits and veggies to how to store them also in order to last. The difficulty for a new vegan can be high but with the right person and their experience you can have ultimate success without creating a serious vitamin or mineral deficiency.

The Mental and Emotional Health Aspect was Huge during my transition. I had a lot of people being disrespectful to me, and worrying about aspects of my diet that weren’t true at all. I had to develop a huge knowledge about Veganism in order to overcome a lot of “false facts” said to me and my family. I reached out to Vegan and Vegetarian Groups that had helped me with knowledge and information that I still use today. To have support during this transition where there are so many false accusations and a lot of disrespect is key. A Lot of people don’t understand Veganism or the choice of going Plant Based Only.

The next issue with becoming a Vegan would be the Vegan Meal Plan. A meal plan should contain a certain amount of calories that you should contain in a day and this is based upon your weight. Next item we take into account is what are your goals? Weight Loss or Weight gain?? This will decide whether you have a fasted diet plan or a regular diet plan. Are you a female or male also….this affects the amount of protein intake at each meal. Next of course would be the dietary restrictions and any health problems this will make alterations to the diet plan as well to suit the client’s personal needs.

Through a Membership Based Platform I would be able to give the Emotional, Mental and Physical Support for New to Intermediate Vegans. I wish that I might of had when I began my transition also with the Diet tips and Tricks I have picked up with all of the Vegan Cooks, Chefs, Bloggers and Influencers I have met. Based upon the fact of the rise in Veganism I think this platform would be able to help assist a lot of Vegans and Soon to Be Vegans with their transition and a confident mindset.

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