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My Near Death Experience: My Close Call

My Starting Point

By Aziz Ben ThabetPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

A freezing Monday morning in January 2021, it was my last year in high school. My father used to drive me daily since I was on his way to work, but sadly I had to go one hour before school started, I didn’t care, better than going alone.

This morning, I decided to walk more, just to kill time, I wore my jacket and not my coat, looking cooler was important to me yes, I wore my cheap made-in-China earbuds, and started walking, almost made it, I had to cross the street, and that’s the last thing I can remember, other than the rushing metro’s cold steel brushing against my face. 15 minutes later, I woke up, I couldn’t see anything clearly, and all I could hear in my head was

“I do not mind the rain sometimes

’Cause that’s the only way the roses bloom”

which were the lyrics of the last song I listened to in my earbuds, “Rain” by Grandson

I had no idea what happened until I realized I was sitting on a river of blood, next to the metro rail. The first thought I got was one of my deepest fears: I started waving my hands around and kicking the floor to make sure I didn’t lose any limbs. Thank God that wasn’t the case. The second most important thing, I took care of my hair, I was in high school, and there were many people around. You don’t know who’s there, don’t judge me. I stood up, but the metro driver didn’t stop the metro, he ran away.

The reason I didn’t die that day was because only one of my legs was inside the rail, and when it hit me, I fell backward.

Around 40 seconds, before I crossed the street, a running grandmother passed next to me holding a little kitten, asking me if I knew any close veterinary, I answered “Sorr__”, before I answered her she kept on running and I crossed the street, here is the deal, I don’t believe in this stuff, but if it weren’t for that women, I woud’ve had both of my legs inside the rails, and you be reading this story right now, which is funny, because the day before, I was intersted in the topic “what’s my purpose”, and someone online asked to find your purpose, imagine if you had all the money in the world and bought everything and did everything you wanted to do with it, you don’t need any more of it, what would you do with your time, just for you, I didn’t give it much thought, the only thing I considered that I would try to save all the tortured animals in the world, I cared about them(I am not vegeterian if you’re wondering), so that’s a cool coincidence that the little kitten saved my life.

One last important piece to finish off this story, the minute I had the accident, my sister was having her first baby, and to this day we celebrate my death, and my nephew’s life together.

After that day, I slowly didn’t care more about things, I started taking more risks, and made friends with people,who held vastly different life perspective, had my first girlfriend, everything seemed easier, and simpler, I was ranked 204th in my country in my last year of high school (computer science student), and now I study abroad in Istanbul, always keeping in mind, the same ideology, the one that changed my life. Two weeks is the maximum amount of time for people to remember you after your death, so does it really matter what people think? Screw them, if you want to do something, do it and be the best at it.

Fun fact: 6 months later, I had tuberculosis and COVID at the same time.(I am doing great now.)


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