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My Dreams By: Danyel Fields

by Danyel Fields 2 months ago in goals

How my life would be different if I had money.

My Dreams By: Danyel Fields
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Like it says above; how my life would be if I had money! I'm from the Great Lake State of Michigan about mid way up in the mitten in Newaygo county. Beautiful land and lakes with great people all around willing to share a smile with strangers. It is a place I am grateful for growing up in and around. I have never really settled down in one place and have always been on the move. Weather that be my felt or other's but the real blame is on no one other than on myself.

I have made money and showed my worth but in the end that was my down fall at the same time. People have always looked at me differently and some of that could have to do with my mouth, for at time's I don't know when to keep it shut and other's I don't know when to speak with words that are understanding. I have learned that some people are just users and will take everything they can from me and then toss me to the side because they don't want to pay me what they owe. I have came to a conclusion that this was all meant to be for one reason or another and that is where a lot of this story is going to come from.

With all this free time in between jobs, I have been building my owe dreams within my head and telling myself once I get that big break that's when I'm going to get my own thing's going. It seems to be a lot harder than it sounds because I am almost forty now and still haven't got that big break. Unless that big break is always being broke, then it's fun in the sun. Trust me it isn't all fun in the sun though when I see people living better than me and doing a whole lot less. Well, at least it has given me the time to shape the things I'm about to share.

I do know that to build these dream's it is going to take a lot more than just me. While I am going through my list of dream's you will see that in every part that I won't be able to do this all on my own. These dreams are not just mine; I have built these dream's to benefit my community and this country as a whole is the end game. That is my mind set I have in mind and will need help along the way. So, please keep that in mind and if you can help along the why that would be great.

First off, is where I would want to be and this is my dream homestead. I would love a ten+ acre farm around Fremont, Michigan to call home. My home would also be part business as well. Let me explain on what I mean by this; I want to raise some animal's and that is why I what need enough land to take care of them. This is a list of the animals I would like to raise, first off my puppies, chickens, rabbits, and some fish in a pond or ponds outback. All are good food sources of food or finding food. I would also be making my own soil from the animals I raise. Around the property I will also have flower, herb, and vegetable gardens circling throughout the property. These will also provide for not only me but also for those willing to put in the time to help build and shape the land because I know that if it is too big I won't be able to do it all on my own. Also writing has always been a passion of mine and will have an office in my home to be able to write stories and poetry. Create and build new ideas that will help shape the future for those to come after.

First of the business talk is a firewood business. Now, this is not my own set up all together, I have had help by my biological father on thoughts of this business. We both share the passion about being out in the woods and think that burning wood is a lot better for heating a home in the winter rather than gas's that comes out of the earth. When I speak about firewood, I am not talking about that big beautiful live tree you have in your yard. No, I am talking about the dead and the fallen trees to help people enjoy their home more often. Also, with be able to move about without having to worry about tripping over a fallen tree. Plus, that fallen tree would go to good use with providing someone with heat during the winter.

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Part two of the firewood business would be campfire wood. This part is kind of my own and I say kind of because their are many people that sell campfire wood in Michigan. This is also something that I have done a few time's in the past to make ends meet. It also allows a more affordable way for people to enjoy their time camping rather than hunting down firewood while trying to spend time doing the things they enjoy. I don't know about a lot about other states or areas but in Michigan camping is how families like to bond and get away from their everyday lives. Who's to blame them in a state so beautiful with so many lake's to enjoy. What makes those times even better? A Campfire!

By Tegan Mierle on Unsplash

Next up is a big one for me because I have been building this dream for years. It is an environmental clean up business; I had one before as a DBA but couldn't seem to fund it straight out of my packet and provide for myself at the same time. This dream came well walking down roads and seeing all the trash along the way. Trust me this is something that bugs the crap out of me and has for a long time because it wasn't like this when I was growing up. Parent's use to yell at their kids to clean up after themselves or at least the one's I was around did. I want our future children to share in the same things we did when we were younger. Like running around barefoot, fishing in clean water, swimming without worrying about anything other than being kids. I think kids are growing up too fast these days for them not to go out and enjoy themselves out in the woods.

By OCG Saving The Ocean on Unsplash

This leads me to the next part of the clean up and what happens next. I have an idea in my head to reuse as much as possible to save the wilderness from what humans have already done to it. At the same time I think we all can reuse a lot of things we just through away. I want to be able to make use of it and make things that the people in the community can use or make money off from selling. All of these thoughts will go into a different paper and already have some of them designed to be made. Of, course I will need help with putting these things in motion. The material can also go for some of the things I have invented along the way and new inventions as well.

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Wow, this is only really the beginning to my dreams. I didn't know how big they were until I started writing them in order of how I want them to be brought into vision. I have more dreams than these for you to see. These last one's are the one's that I would oversee. Well maybe not the factory thing other than going there to see how things were going. The next will be a whole new paper because in ways it is so much bigger of a dream than though I have laid out before.

When I get all these dreams going you will see a happiness that is larger than life. It will be a time to celebrate with family and friends and make memories that will go on after death. Thank you and hope you enjoyed reading of my dreams leave a tip if you can and may it bring you a helping hand.

Danyel Fields
Danyel Fields
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Danyel Fields

It is no easy life when you are the youngest out of seven and the only boy. Now since I am a man stories flow through my mind like whispers on the wind on a dark summers night. I hope you enjoy what you read as you truly see inside of me.

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