Maybe You aren’t the Crazy one ?

by Diana Murray 5 months ago in happiness

By Diana Murray

Maybe You aren’t the Crazy one ?

I’m not kidding.

I’ve spent YEARS trying to figure out what is wrong with ME??

Why do I feel like I’m an alien all of a sudden?

Why am I so unhappy for NO reason!?

Why do I feel so strange and disconnected all the time?

I don’t really connect with anyone I meet. Maybe there’s something wrong with me? What label fits? Oh, all of them. Perfect!

But hang on a sec....before, I was always very social and could make friends with anyone? I liked to go out. I was fine. What happened?

I feel inadequate. Like I’m not doing enough. I don’t deserve anything good. Why can’t I get a decent job? Why am I so tired all the time? And disinterested in life? When I actually have so much.

Maybe I’m just ungrateful? Maybe it’s gluten? Dairy?????

Because everyone else looks so happy. They are so productive and energetic and smiley!

It must be me!! I’m just....flawed.

Well guess what I found out?

It’s not ME.

The world has gone insane.

People are like robots. They aren’t real.

We are living in a sterile world of people who lie to themselves so much that they don’t even see it as lying because it’s become so normal. It’s business. Smart business. No emotion.

It’s seen as clever to lie to ourselves. Not immoral at all. No one allows themselves to feel guilt. No one wants to feel anything negative so they just come up with some ridiculous explanation so whatever they want to be true becomes true!

For example. Let’s take something that’s good, like....chocolate cake, and ruin it by taking away what makes it good, like sugar and flour, and add a bunch of crap that doesn’t belong or taste good and then pretend we like it! Ya!

Let’s make cauliflower look and taste like chicken!!

Why????😭 I don’t understand!!!

Healthy junk food!


No wonder I’m not excited!

Nothing bad - nothing good!

Everything is just nothing.

Little kids happily snacking away on seaweed and kale chips. And those little kids will actually call out my kids for eating goldfish crackers because it’s “unhealthy”!! They proudly say they don’t even like or want junk food, so my kids wonder if there is something abnormal about them? And about me for giving it to them.

These kids and parents actually think they are “good” because they say no to - junk food?

Well guess what smart people??

Kids liking junk food and pop and candy is NORMAL!

That doesn’t mean they should get to have it all the time. But they dont have to pretend they don’t like it!

It isn’t a SIN to like candy. - but you know what is? Lying. Yep. That’s right.

If there is a heaven, you don’t get in because you ate your veggies and believed your own lies.

And if you don’t believe there is anything beyond this world and that your life right now, is all that matters, why are you being so “good”?? What are you trying to prove? And to who?

Stop lying. Let’s get rid of all the twisted up lies we tell ourselves and get back to being normal, regular human beings who use common sense. Stop over thinking.

Go out and LIVE. Eat. Drink. Dance. Laugh. Talk. Meet people. Help your neighbour! Tell stories about your life. Experience the world. Relax.

Sit down for 5 minutes. Stop trying to prove how hard you work to have what you have and actually start enjoying what you have - with other people!

You don’t have to appear to be perfect. You don’t have to go to the opposite end of the spectrum either.

There is so much in this world that we can experience and enjoy and try out! There’s really only a few things we shouldn’t do as far as I can tell. And I’ve thought it over.

Don’t lie to yourself or others.

Don’t judge.

Don’t hurt anyone.

Help people and don’t be a coward.


When you make a mistake or do something wrong that hurts someone - (which you WILL because you are HUMAN) - You MUST do the following

1. admit it! Don’t try to deny it (because that’s a form of lying).

2. Then you have to apologize. And it must be Sincere.

3. Finally, you must MAKE UP for what you did, do something good to offset it.

It’s not that hard! It’s actually really freeing to get to release the guilt rather than repressing it.

As long as you are very responsible with those things, im pretty sure you can do anything you want! Enjoy your life to the fullest! No one can judge you.

Again - this is only my opinion. Take it or or leave it. It’s up to you.

If you don’t fit in here anymore- maybe it’s not you!

Try to remember back to when things were simpler. Get back to basics. Be responsible. Do something good for someone else who you know! Personally!! Maybe if you did something really kind and generous in a personal way, you would feel like you deserved to be happy and to really enjoy yourself!

Go on!

Start Living!

Thanks for reading!

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Diana Murray
Diana Murray
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