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Man who spend $14000 to turn into a Dog

Man turns to Collie

By RBPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Toco, a Japanese man, has made quite a splash on the internet with his extraordinary lifestyle. He has invested a significant sum of $14,000 in acquiring a lifelike and custom-made collie costume. Through his YouTube channel, aptly named "I want to be an animal," he has been chronicling his remarkable journey of transforming into a canine for over a year now.

However, the recent viral video of Toco taking his first-ever public stroll in the collie costume during a German interview has garnered both attention and scrutiny. While some viewers admire his commitment to embracing his unique identity, others on the internet seem less understanding of his unusual lifestyle choice.

Despite the mixed reactions, Toco remains undeterred in his passion for exploring the world as a collie. He has shared his video as Collie through his youtube channel, expecting more people will understand and accept his dream of living as a dog.

As his story continues to reach more people around the world, Taco has become a symbol of individuality, motivating more people to accept their true selves without worrying about what the people around them might think.

In the video, Toco is seen interacting with people and their dogs while wearing his collie costume. Some onlookers seem confused or uncertain about the costume, but many others find it interesting and fun. Toco performs tricks like rolling over, giving his paw, and waving at the cameras, which adds to the excitement.

However, when the video was posted online, some comments were not very kind. Some people made jokes about spending money on becoming a collie instead of seeking therapy, while others suggested it might be related to something inappropriate.

Toco addressed the negative comments and explained that he loves animals and enjoys pretending to be a collie as a hobby. He feels sad that people misunderstand his intentions. Despite the backlash, he remains determined to continue with his hobby because it brings him happiness and also brings joy to others.

In a video from last year, Toco engaged with his audience, taking questions from commenters who were eager to understand his different journey. He shared with them that his desire to be an animal had been with him since he was a child, and he mentioned a moment from his grade school where he write about his desire to be a dog in his graduation book.

On choosing Collie, he said its his favourite dog breed. The collie's unique characteristics and features resonated deeply with him, and their size was particularly conducive to his immersive role-play, enabling him to embody the spirit of a dog in the most authentic way possible.

As Toco continues to explore and share his passion for living his dream as a collie, he remains steadfast in his determination to connect with others who appreciate his journey. His openness and has not only encouraged more poeple to accept and appreciate individuality their unique hobbies.

Even though Taco has more than 45,000 subscribers, he has kept his identity a secret even from people close to him. He is worried they might find his passion for becoming an animal weird or strange. His friends and family were surprised when they found out about his interest in transforming into a dog.

Toco collaborated with a Japanese company called Zeppet to create his collie costume. It took the team around 40 days to make the costume, and they went to great lengths to ensure it looked as realistic as possible. They even studied the collie's skeletal structure and collected photos from different angles to replicate the beautiful coat of a collie and make it flow naturally.

All the time and money spent on creating the costume seem to have been worth it for Toco, as it allowed him to fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming an animal.

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