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Makers and Creators, How I Think the World Works

by Daniel White 2 years ago in goals

A few words about my theory

My friend James while I was doing a photo shoot for college in an abandoned building.

There are makers and creatives in this world, and I believe there’s a difference, but we can all be creatives if we try hard enough.


To me, everyone starts off as a maker. We make products, we make money, we make lives for ourselves, and most importantly, we make the world what it is. Now makers are great, makers make the world turn, but what if you wanna be higher than a maker? Well, I think creators are higher. And I’ll come on to that in a bit, but for me, makers are what we all are made to be. We go through life earning a wage and paying bills and doing what we’re told to do, and that’s what makers do. The makers aren’t in charge, the creators are. The makers just do what the creators tell them to do. To be honest, I want to be a creator, and I’m pretty sure everyone reading this does, but what is the difference and how do you become a creator?


Now, I believe creators are the people in power, the people who inspire, control, and design. That’s what I think. No one aspires to work a dead end job on minimum wage. We want to earn big money, have a nice house and fast cars, and be able to splash out on £1000 shoes. But we can’t; we're hindered by society and the creators, the few. The key difference between creators and makers is the power and the power to inspire. We’re inspired by Neil Armstrong, who went to the moon. He created dreams in the minds of millions of children all over the globe, and he’s a creator, he has inspired us.

You may not like it, but Hitler is a creator. He created fear and hatred and inspired a generation of genocide, but he’s a creator. He controlled a nation, and the power of being a creator consumed him and he didn’t use it for good like other creators. An example of a good creator is Nelson Mandela. He inspired a whole race to stand up for themselves, and he created dreams and hope within millions of people, even if it meant sacrificing his freedom. He is a creator.

And, well, I’m inspired by a few creators: Mike Kelley, Terry Richardson, Kim Jones, Alexander McQueen and Virgil Abloh. They are creators and the ones who inspire me the most. Now you may have heard of all of these names, and if you have, then you know they are extremely talented. Now my favourite out of these is a fellow Brit, and it’s Alexander McQueen. His designs are amazing, and the way he has overcome adversity is immensely inspiring to me, and that’s why I love his work. He is amazing. His Highland Rape collection blew me away, and I’m not old enough to have seen this, but I know what it is, and it’s amazing. His work with French fashion house Givenchy was incredible as well, although he didn’t go without criticism, as it’s hard for anyone to go through life without criticism.

Virgil Abloh is the most recent one, and he started as an intern at Fendi and then started Pyrex, and then Off-White, and now he is the the menswear creative director at Louis Vuitton, by far one of the most well-known and coveted designer brands of all time. His work is incredible. The Off-White and Nike collaboration are some of my favourite shoes of all time. The different Off-White seasons are amazing, and the business casual stuff and the Impressionism collection is incredible. He is a revolutionary designer and most definitely a creator.

How do YOU become a creator?

Well, I believe that to become a creator, it’s not about how many followers you have or who you’re friends with; it’s how many people do you inspire to be like you, how many people work hard at being the best they can and being other people’s inspirations. That’s what being a creator is; not making a couple of videos for YouTube a week. It’s actually making people want to do something and creating dreams and creating feelings inside people that pus them to do something. I want to be a creator, and it may not ever happen, as the media industry which I love and want to work in is so competitive. I’m just a boy with a dream, but I also know that you can do anything, so if you take anything away from this, try to become a creator and inspire and control your own path, and then you will have accomplished what so many dream of doing. This took me a while, but it’s all from my head and heart, no research nothing. This is what I want to do for a living, and well, I hope you liked it. Thank you.

I try to create and it doesn’t really work. My main passion is video editing, and a lot of people do that. I just wanna make videos that inspire and help people be the best version of themselves, which you hear a lot, but I actually mean it, and it’s a passion of mine. I may never achieve my goals but I’m going to work hard towards it.


Daniel White

I want to inspire and create and I have a theory, maybe you should read about it.

I’m currently studying a media course at college and I am an aspiring film maker and animator, I do also love writing, scripts, articles, letters, anything

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Daniel White
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