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LITTLE WOMEN (2019) quotes that INSPIRE me

by amy about a year ago in quotes

timothee chalamet though

I have recently been getting back into 'Little Women', so when I was reading through the script it made me reminisce about how much this movie inspired me the first time I watched it, and again now as I am rewatching it. So, these are my ten favourite lines/quotes that really impacted me and I hope to inspire others.

"Just because my dreams are different than yours doesn't mean that they are unimportant." - Meg March

Just because we all have different interests and ideas doesn't make one persons interests better than another. We all have our own minds, our own stories and our own wants, and comparing them, making one superior than another is false and disheartening.

"I can't say yes truly, so I'm not going to say it at all." - Jo March

Being true to yourself and never doing something because it is what's expected, but rather do it because you want to. This can relate to any situation not just marriage as it is portrayed in the plot, it can relate to going to college or choosing a career. Always being honest with yourself and following your gut instincts is always the way to go.

"Why be ashamed of what you want." - Amy March

Why be so ashamed of something that you want or a career that you want to pursue just because it may be different. There is no reason to be afraid to share your interests and ideas just because they may be on a little bit of a different path to others.

"You must not limit yourself." - Amy March

Do not limit your abilities and not push yourself to get something you want just because you may be scared. Don't confine your talents for only you to see, but share them to inspire others. Limiting yourself doesn't help anyone but rather derails your capabilities, never really knowing how good you could've been if you had tried.

"I may not always be right but I'm never wrong." - Aunt March

The confidence in this line is inspiring due to its wit and sass. She knows who she is and she isn't going to change. Aunt March's confidence and independence I believe is admirable.

"I intend to make my own way in the world." - Jo March

Jo knows what she wants and isn't going to go the same 'boring' path as everyone else, because she knows it is not for her. It is okay to have your own life, own opinions and own path. Her independence and passion is inspiring.

"Girls have to go into the world and make up their own minds about things." - Marmee March

Her leadership and parenting over this girls has brought up strong women who are all themselves and not ashamed of it. It is important to have your own thoughts and not be brainwashed by influencers around you on what you 'should' think. Getting to experience other cultures or other families can broaden an individuals idea on the world and their opinions. Stepping out of the bubble and into the world to see what is actually out there.

"I will not be the person you settle for just because you cannot have her." - Amy March

Knowing your place and standing your ground because you know you are worth more then how you are being treated.

"Do you love him?" - Marmee March

"I care more to be loved. I want to be loved." - Jo March

"That is not the same as loving." - Marmee March

This idea of love and women being a figment of love, Jo finds herself doubting her decisions because of the society she lives in makes her feel lonely. Her mothers words however assure her that she is smart and knows what she wants and that was not it, depicting the difference of loving and wanting. What we feel versus what we want can be a blurry line. It is hard to understand what you actually want and how that can be portrayed in life and your relationships with others.

"Women have minds and souls as well as just hearts, and they've got ambition and talent as well as just beauty. And I'm sick of people saying that love is all a women is fit for." - Jo March

Women are more then something to look at, they have thoughts and feelings as well as beauty. We should not stereotype and cast someone in a category because of their race, gender, religion, etc., they are people just like yourself. Women are more important to society then they were portrayed in this time period. As Jo's independence was something so different at the time, it is inspiring to see someone know exactly what they want and how they stand within such an important issue. Being different to societies norms isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Go watch Little Women (2019 version or older versions) and go be inspired by these beautifully flawed characters again and again and again.

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