Let Your Light Shine!

by Lindsay W 4 months ago in self help

And you give others the permission to shine their light as well.

Today, I wanted to share with you, the idea of letting your light shine, and not being afraid of what others might think when you shine your light, because its time to break out of the spiritual closet and start shining like the magnificent beings that we are.

Human beings, have unlimited potential, however for thousands of years, our consciousness has been in a state of slumber, we were dimmed down in a sense, and now it is awakening and we are remembering who we truly are.

At this time, we are evolving and shifting into a higher awareness, a higher consciousness, and with that profound insights and realizations are coming into the minds of many human beings on Earth, and with those realizations of our divinity, it can be a little bit frightening, especially if your family or friends don't understand.

Shining your light can be scary, but once you start, it becomes easier as you start to attract more like minded people into your life, and as they see you shine your light, you give them the permission to shine their light as well.

At this time, we must break free from worrying about the opinions or judgments of others, and shine as brightly as we can, for the brighter we shine as individuals, the brighter we shine as a collective, which will speed up this shift greatly, and welcome in the golden age of peace and prosperity and take our seat as the divine beings that we are.

We, humanity, are ready for this, we have been long waiting for this great shift, as the ancients knew about it, predicted it, and gave us many clues to follow. This is not something that is imaginary, or "Woo Woo," this is real and it is happening, we are at the beginning of the new Earth and each moment we move closer and closer.

The brighter we shine, the quicker this will be, but there is no rush in the grand picture, and no matter what, we will get there, it just might take longer than we would like.

As we become more spiritually mature, and accept that we are sacred beings of the universe, we know that this is and always has been our birthright. We did not come here to suffer and live in poverty, we came here to claim our sovereignty and divinity and show the universe who we are.

This is much bigger than the average person might think, this is grander than we as the human species can currently comprehend, but as time steadily marches on, we will soon realize this and so much more.

The time is now! No more hiding in the spiritual closet, it is time to emerge and shine like a thousand suns! Do not be afraid, for you are always guided, loved, and supported and there is absolutely nothing that you cannot achieve.

I hope this message helps and inspires you to shine your light, as I believe the time has now come to choose, there is no more fence sitting, its time to decide what you want to focus on, the light, or the dark...

I choose the light, I shine my own light, and I am not afraid anymore of what others will think of me.

Thank you for reading,

With Love and Light

Lindsay @ World DreamerzMy Website


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