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It's Time to Become Your True Most Authentic Self

by Osana Wasut 2 years ago in success

Reflections from my own self discovery journey

Who you are shines brighter then the sun

"It's time, Lindsay..." My higher self whispers.

"Time for what?" I ask.

"It's time to be your true most authentic self, and to stop playing small."

"Ohhhh... I see," I reply shyly.

That was a conversation I had recently with that which I call my higher self. She has been very strong lately, guiding me on this journey I am on.I have never been alone, and I recognize that now although it hasn't always been obvious.

As humans, we feel separate, we feel like we are alone in this life, but that is far from the truth, far from what is really going on here.

We are truly never alone, we always have our guides with us. Whether or not you acknowledge them or not, they are still there, helping you along your journey.

I've asked to see mine a few times in separate meditations, and they show me just a few at a time to not overwhelm or frighten me because there are many... There's a praying mantis that helps me to quiet & still my active mind. There is a spider that helps remind me of my creative potential & gives me the ability to create my reality as I wish.

Then there are the 3 advance beings—they look human, but more advanced, more loving, more compassionate & more graceful than humans now. They are my Pleiadian guides, and they have been with me since the beginning, and no I don't just mean this life.

"It's time," she whispers again...

"I'm ready, bring it on," I say.

This is constant, this communication between me and what I call my higher self. It's not just one, but many, and it's not singular, but all.

Hard to explain, and even harder to understand, but it's what I have experienced since I was a small child, I have always had direct communication with my higher self, sometimes it is faint, but other times it is very loud as it is right now at this moment,

I know I need to write; it's my best form of communication although I have been working on my speaking skills lately as well.

Putting myself out there has always been the plan. I've known since I was a small child that one day I would have to put myself out of my comfort zone and start sharing my experiences & my journey with others, on the account that I know my own life story, will help many others with their own self-discovery.

I've been on this path for as long as I can remember, and although I am still fairly young, age is really just a number, and as I have been told on more than one occasion now, I am a wise old soul, and yes that means I have been here before, many times. It's not my first time as a human on Earth, that is certain.

The past few months I have been taking a break from the online world, and diving deep into my own inner world and figuring out on a deeper level, who I truly am, and it's not what everyone else has told me I am throughout my early life—it's far, far grander than that...

Throughout my childhood, like most children experience, we are given a name and then we are told by others who they think we are. So we never truly become who we are, we become who others think we are...

I came from a single mom, who struggled hard to make ends meet. I was the baby of the family, and I think because of my mom's experience, nobody really gave me any form of validation or approval. I felt like the black sheep that wouldn't amount to much, if anything.

I was told all through my childhood that I was too quiet, too shy, too insecure, and not very smart. I felt less than, not good enough, and because of that, I was constantly seeking approval for my actions, which were never good enough for others.

Now, because of this, I really was holding myself back, I was really playing small in this game of life, and I was afraid of what others might think if I started to actually say what was on my mind, and quit buying into this label of being shy & quiet...

It took some time, and a lot of deep inner growth for me to remove those labels put onto me, but I do believe that I have succeeded in my pursuit. I no longer am shy.

At least, that's what people who meet me now say, I tell them that I used to be shy and they laugh saying they don't think I'm shy at all, and it's true now, but I was "shy" for a very long period in my life, and it served me at that time, but not anymore.

It's not serving anyone to play small, to continue to be shy, and hold myself back. It doesn't serve humanity, and that is the main reason I am here in this life, to help remind humanity of their magnificence, and infinite potential, so, therefore, I needed to first remind myself of this, as it had been covered up ever since I was a baby, disguising my true self with all these garbage labels that I needed to dispose of.

As humans, we all have a story, every single one of us, and the thing about our story is that it is not necessarily the truth of what happened, because we are constantly coming up with meanings to why something happened.

For example, when I was 7 years old my Grandma passed away in front of me. This was the most tragic experience of my life, and it impacted me greatly, which I have written about on several occasions now, but the story that I had created from that event was that she was mad at me or stopped loving me, and that is why she died.

This was NOT a good story to create, but it's what I came up with at the time, and I carried that garbage story around with me for a very long time, validating it over, and over and over again, that everyone I love either leaves me or dies.

No more of that story bullshit, once I became aware of that story I had created, the meaning that I gave this event that happened when I was 7, once I became aware that was what I did, I dropped that story so fast it didn't know what happened.

Then I replaced it with a much better story, one that empowered me, and showed me how much love my grandma had for me, as now the story was that my Grandma waited for me to be at her house to die, so that I would awaken early in life to the truth of who I was, and she died out of great, great love for me.

Great love. Unconditional love.

Now this was a far more empowering story then the one I had been carrying with me my whole life, and it gave me a tremendous sense of confidence, knowing how much love others had for me, and it didn't matter how many books I wrote, or how many lives I changed, for this love was truly unconditional love.

This is what I have come to realize. All the death I have experienced in my first 28 years on Earth has not been because these people stopped loving me, it was because they loved me so much, that on a soul level they choose to die when they did so that I could become my true authentic self, for every death I experienced so far, has opened my awareness to my divinity more and more.

In my first 20 years, I lost my Grandma, Grandpa, and then my own mother. These were 3 of the most influential people in my life, and they were all gone before I knew it. Looking back, I wish I would have cherished our time together more, especially my mom, as I pushed her away during the final years of her life, which still makes me sad to this day, 8 years later.

It's crazy how far I have come, and what's even crazier is when I look ahead and see how far I can go, as this moment that I write these words, it's really only the beginning. I will be here for a very long time, hundreds of years, as life extension is taking off, and I already slowed down my aging process greatly...

More on that another day, but for now, I am ready and it's time, so watch out World, here I come!

With Love and Light,

Lindsay @ World Dreamerz


Osana Wasut

Sharing my stories with the world. Writing has been a great tool for transformation, and I feel like I am only starting to dive deep into the self. Life is a wonderful gift, live to the fullest!

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Osana Wasut
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