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Importance of choosing a career after school

Read further to know how important a backup plan is to develop your career after school.

By Juzer BearingwalaPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Unlike yesteryears, where children didn’t have or rather didn’t want to choose among the choices laid down in front of them regarding their career plans. Today’s children have a plethora of options to choose from. Till they reach the 10th grade, students have only the basic subjects to study and learn. But as they step foot in college, comes the time for them to select their stream of interest of research and search what’s best that can serve their passion and ability to the fullest.

It is of utmost importance to have a career goal in mind before opting for a college or university, failing which the students position would be similar to a sailor sailing in a vast ocean without t a GPS system or google map. This helps to tread along a right path with diligence and patience. A little research in the desired filed of study is ofcourse inevitable only then can one understand how and where to strike first.

However, I personally believe to have a back up plan or Plan B. In certain circumstances where a tenth or twelfth grader fails to acquire the needed grades, he/she can opt for another choice that has to be analysed earlier. This can save the student from facing any unforeseen and helpless situation. Nonetheless, focus on a particular field and striving hard towards it is bound to reach good fruits in future. To believe in oneself, irrespective of the many possible criticisms and challenges that can be faced on the road to success is a quality that should be possessed by every upcoming candidate. Further more, once the career choice is chosen what matters is the determination. Hard work with a little mental and physical strain along with shedding sweat and blood are the key features instrumental in sustaining to rise on the graph of victory. The following are the points which are sure to lead you to victory

1. Strive for success and never look back at your path! Aim in one direction and move on with that no matter what the outcome might be, because you will never know unless you try.

2. Make sure your goal is well built and sustained.. it does not take a while for you to break the pillar and destroy a building you've been working on since years.

And finally.. 3. Daydreaming, Making castles in the air, staring into space, making promises and then not moving even an inch from where you've started.. all these things are worthless for a successful human. You are not going to turn the tables just by sitting and whining about your stressful life. Rather be Swift footed and buy time for yourself! One common thing which a wealthy man and a labourer possess is the 24 hours in their pockets.. now you decide for yourself whether you want to use it wisely or just waste it like every human does.

This prompts me to highlight a poem that I learned earlier by Robert Frost. The poet tells us about our journey in life and that the path that is taken by multiple people is not necessarily the right one. Hence, the path that is less trodden upon may be difficult but could even be the right one. In conclusion it is been better to master in one particular trade than to be a jack of all!


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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Careers are awesome! Great work!

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