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If you are a creative person you need a journal

Having a journal is underrated but it is needed for creativity

By Christina EpperlyPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
If you are a creative person you need a journal
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I have kept a journal or a notebook off and on throughout out my life. Sometimes I have been good about writing in them somewhat regularly. Other times I barley touch them. Recently I have been carrying my journal with me. This is nothing ground breaking but in today's world of smartphones, tablets and laptops taking a journal with you may seem outdated to some. I have found that keeping a journal or a notebook is one of the best things that creative people can do. A journal does not have to be a daily written dairy about what you did that day. It can be anything you want to to be. You can fill your journal with nothing but drawings and photographs if you would like to. My journal has lots of stickers and I want to add some pictures to it. Journals are a great source of inspiration when you experience the dreaded writer's block looking at your Journal can bring you a lot of much needed inspiration. Your journal can pretty much always be used since it does not need to be charged liked your electronic devices do. It is easy to grab it when inspiration strikes. I have a problem with thinking of great and exciting topics that I want to write about later and then I forget my great ideas before I have a chance to actually write them down. This problem of mine is one of the main reasons that I like to carry a journal around with me at all times. I love that when I'm writing in my journal all I have to do is focus on expressing my creative personality. I don't have to worry about notifications or calls distracting me like I do when I write on my phone. I also don't have to worry about spelling mistakes or making sure that everything makes sense. I can just let my creativity flow without a care in the world and then when I'm ready I can take those ideas and turn them into a blog post or article. One other great thing about journals is that they are very easy to find and you can find them in many colors and patterns. My current journal has a plain blue cover but I decorated it with stickers . It is a great way to show my personality. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person I highly recommend that you get a journal and see what happens. You may be surprised when your everyday life brings you inspiration. Before you know it you may consider yourself to be a creative person or even a writer. Other than that it can be a great tool for keeping you emotionally healthy. Instead of sending that fiery text message when you are in the heat of anger reach for your journal instead and let your anger flow until you have calmed down. I know that modern technology has largely replaced journals and dairies but I think that this one thing that we can't afford to lose. In today's world of smart phones keeping a journal is something that most people probably don't even think about. I'm here to remind you that old things and new thing can work well together so go get yourself an awesome journal and a cool set of pens, some markers , crayons and lots of fun stickers! Maybe even get your self some glitter glue and cut out pictures from magazines and go create an amazing place for you to express your wild and beautiful creativity.

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