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How To Grow Your YOU Tube Channel

by Aisha Shamim 2 months ago in social media
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5 Tips To Set Up Your Channel For Success

Photo by Mohammad Hassan at Pixabay

Starting on a YouTube channel is frustrating and overwhelming and as a beginner there is a lot to learn . It takes longer to create videos ,and without knowing how to really optimize them ,its incredibly demotivating , and why do most creators quit before they see any traction?

Here in this article you will find some simplest tweaks if you make to your channel will yield the biggest results. So let's dive right into 5 simple things that you should implement right now ,so you can set your channel up to maximize results from your very next video.

Below we’ll go into detail on each of these tactics for promoting your YouTube channel and maximizing your viewership. Whether you’re just getting started or want to see your numbers tick further upward, these tips are all fair game.

1-A Good Topic

A good topic is necessary for promotion of your YouTube video and growth of your YouTube channel. Create content based on trending topics as it will attract attention to your channel. Also your topic should be informative ,it should give knowledge, as if you are not adding value to someone's life , your content is good for nothing.

2- Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnail strategy is super important , if no one clicks it , no ones gonna see it. So you need to get their click , which means you need to have an attractive ,engaging ,attention grabbing thumbnail ,so that it gets clicked .

Use bright colors and graphic elements to make your thumbnail enticing. Also your thumbnail should be such as describe the goal of your video in one sight, it tells clearly which topic is to be covered.

If your thumbnail is effective, more people will view your content, which will increase your channel's CTR( CLICK THROUGH RATE). Therefore, if you intend to create a YouTube channel, start working on thumbnails right away because What is seen is sold.

3- The First 10 Seconds Are Important

People will either hook into a video in the first 10 seconds or drop out, therefore your opening or start should be compelling enough for people to view your content.YouTube also suggests your video when users watch content for a longer period of time, which helps your channel expand more quickly.

4- Use YouTube As A Search Engine

Make sure you use YouTube as a search engine . when you search google , you generally ask questions as who, what, when, where and how, in the same way people ask questions on YouTube, so one solid point to consider when you make new channel is to treat YouTube as a search engine or google and make titles of the videos consisting of questions.

5- Tags

Tags identify search results of your video, these are the keywords you use in title and description of a video. See! YouTube is a search engine and majority of the people search it via tags.If you use right tags ,Google is given all the information which is necessary for it to know in a video , so when you are searched , your content is populated, how?... based on your title, based on description and based on the content you have provided in the video.

So there is one request if you want to grow your channel where there is a large competition, and where people of all world are creating content,you have to fulfill one condition…use tags or meta tags .If all questions asked and typed by people are answered by your video, your video will in long or short run will rank .

By adopting a growth mindset , you're going to have success on YouTube much faster .

YouTube is not an overnight thing , YouTube is the long game

So by taking the approach of what can i improve on every single time , that's gonna stack up . That 1% improvement on each little task overtime is going to add up and add up and you will see growth much, much faster.

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