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"How to Attract Anything You Wish to Achieve"

"Manifest" "Believe Anything Is Possible" - What Does Manifestation Really Mean and Is It Related to the Law of Attraction?

By AnalogvibesPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
"How to Attract Anything You Wish to Achieve"
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In a scientific perspective, "Manifest" refers to the core value or belief that we prioritize. In science, it has been discussed in terms of a "growth mindset," which is the idea that we have flexible thinking and do not remain stagnant or closed-minded.

Dr. Carol Dweck has emphasized that if we believe in our abilities and have confidence that we can succeed, we will be determined and aligned with the psychological principle that our beliefs influence our thoughts and behaviors.

Our beliefs often lead to specific behaviors and actions that align with those beliefs, resulting in particular outcomes.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a philosophical principle that has been discussed since 1887. It teaches that positive thoughts will attract positive results, while negative thoughts will attract negative outcomes. This belief is rooted in the idea that thoughts are like a form of energy that can attract similar things. Positive energy (positive thinking) can draw success in various aspects of life, such as health, finances, and relationships.

Manifestation vs. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a belief that we can attract what we desire through intention or positive thinking, ultimately improving our lives, which is also referred to as manifesting.

A key principle of the Law of Attraction is that 'like energy attracts like energy.'

Manifestation involves setting a clear intention and creating a mental image of what you want in your life, whether it's related to love, family, education, and more. Some people use techniques like meditation or journaling to help manifest their desires.

What enables you to focus your mind on what you want and genuinely believe that it will come to pass is a crucial aspect of the Law of Attraction."

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1. Setting Personal Standards: Creating clear goals and intentions for one's life, setting a clear direction for life.

2. Boosting Self-Esteem: Building self-esteem and shifting one's mindset, which leads to self-appreciation. When we care more about ourselves, negative comments and thoughts have less impact.

3. Fostering Determination: Believing in one's ability to succeed undoubtedly. When we strongly believe in something, we tend to give our best effort and not doubt ourselves.

4. Positive Thinking and Confidence: Manifestation serves as a source of encouragement for many, giving them the strength to pursue their intentions with determination and self-assuredness.


According to Hawlan Ng, a psychologist, people may believe strongly in the power to manifest things into reality, but in reality:

1. Obstacles Exist: Individuals face various obstacles in life, such as financial hardships, systemic discrimination, or geographical distance.

2. Illusion of Control: The notion that we can control or steer our lives if we try hard enough or believe strongly enough may lead to stress if one feels they haven't achieved enough.

3. Escapism: This expression may encourage people to avoid confronting their past or difficult situations, instead focusing heavily on the future.

It's essential to acknowledge these potential drawbacks and strike a balance between manifesting future goals and dealing with the present.

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How to Begin Manifesting

Step 1: Define Clear Goals

The first step in manifesting is to have clear and specific goals. Know exactly what you want to attract into your life.

Step 2: Visualize Success

Visualization is a crucial element of manifesting. Most successful individuals visualize themselves achieving their goals clearly.

Step 3: Use Positive Language

Use positive language when talking to yourself or others every day. Speak positively about yourself and your life. For example, say, "I am a successful person, I have good health, and many great things happen in my life." Talk as if these things have already happened.

Step 4: Stop Negative Thinking and Self-Doubt

Negative thinking and self-doubt can have the most significant impact on the manifesting process. Think positively, have confidence in yourself, and believe that everything is possible.

Step 5: Maintain Positivity

The energy within you and your feelings play a crucial role in the manifesting process. Maintaining a positive energy and positive feelings will help you continue attracting positivity into your life.


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