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Here are all the Vocal Media Bonuses

Vocal Media Bonuses

By Danish GPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
Here are all the Vocal Media Bonuses
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If you want to make free money on the internet then vocal media is one of the best platforms for you It doesn’t matter what you like to write and so in this guide, I am going to share with you all Vocal media bonuses in an easy and simple language.

Is it a Legit site?

Yes, Vocal media is a very popular website for bloggers especially those who want to start their blogging journey without any investment.

In very simple language here on Vocal! the more you write the more you earn. But many people ask me what I need to do Because I want to know How to write articles or content for vocal media? I also have a solution for you just keep reading and keep going!

When it comes to earning on Vocal, creators can earn in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, bonuses, reads, tips, and challenges.

The Vocal Team believes that awarding bonuses is a way for them to show their support for their creators. Giving the creator(s) certain bonuses allows them to congratulate themselves on reaching certain milestones! And, from the creators' perspective, it is Vocal Media's way of directly supporting us.

Here are all the Vocal Media bonuses

  • You will receive $5 when you publish your 5th story on Vocal.
  • You’ll get $10 after your 10th story.
  • You’ll receive $50 when you publish your 50th story.
    • If you like 15 stories by your fellow creators by clicking the heart icon of each story, you will also receive $5 for your engagement.
    • When you reach 1,000 reads, you'll receive a $5 bonus in addition to the $6 or $3.8 you'll receive for every 1,000 reads as a vocal+ member or regular vocal member, respectively.
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Top Story”
  • $5.00 Bonus for “Awesome Story” (typically has Vocal as the topic)
  • Bonus for being mentioned on Vocal’s Instagram Page
  • Bonus for Reaching 10,000 views

Participating in a Vocal Media survey can sometimes result in a reward. Some writers claim to have received a $10 bonus as a result of this.

You are rewarded whenever you win a Creator Challenge.

Previously, creators received a bonus for tipping other writers, but this feature is no longer available. Bonuses are reflected in your wallet's balance immediately and are displayed in your wallet's current balance.

Tip payments are sent directly to your Stripe account. Whenever a fan tips you, it does not reflect on your current balance. But unlike tips, bonuses are added to your current balance in your wallet by the vocal media team.

Tips for Success on Vocal Media

  • Create High-Quality Content: To attract readers and earn money on Vocal Media, you need to create high-quality content that engages and resonates with your audience.
  • Be Consistent: Consistency is key when it comes to building an audience and making money on Vocal Media. Try to publish content on a regular basis and engage with your readers to build a loyal following.
  • Promote Your Content: Don't be afraid to promote your content on social media and other channels to reach a wider audience. Engage with your readers and build relationships to create a loyal following.
  • Network and Collaborate: Vocal Media is a community-driven platform, and networking and collaborating with other creators can help you expand your reach and build a loyal following.


Vocal Media is an excellent platform for content creators who want to turn their passion into a profitable source of income. With the right strategy and tools, you can create high-quality content, build a loyal following, and earn money on Vocal Media. So, if you're a talented writer, don't hesitate to join Vocal Media and start creating today.

Thanks for choosing us! I’ll see you in my next article. Until then, stay blessed.

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  • Poppy 11 months ago

    Hey, just wondering what you mean about being mentioned on their Instagram page… if you tag them in a story and they share it does this count?

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