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Five Steps to Create a Vision For Your Life Today

Without a vision, you can't achieve your goals.

By Erica MartinPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Five Steps to Create a Vision For Your Life Today
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Have you created a plan for your life? What are your spiritual, social, relational, physical, and financial goals? If you can’t answer this question, consider creating a vision for your future.

Why do you need a vision?

According to experts and life success stories, when you have a vision, you can achieve far more than without one. Creating your vision is like mapping a path to your professional and personal goals. Personal happiness and life satisfaction are within reach. Unless you develop your own vision, your life is governed by other people and circumstances.

Create a vision that works for you using this process.

Describe your vision for a particular area of your life.

Give a brief description of what you wish for or what you wish to become. There is no correct or incorrect answer. Most likely, you won't be able to accurately describe your dreams on your first attempt. Start with a guess that makes sense.

Do not focus on the things you do not want when writing your vision, because this only brings about more of that. Instead, focus on what you do want to bring about. For example, if you want more money: Don’t say: "I don’t wish to live in poverty anymore." Imagine what being rich would be like and describe what it would be like.

Although it may feel challenging when you’re first learning to focus on what you want, the process becomes easier. Moreover, you'll reap spectacular rewards if you succeed repeatedly. Suddenly, it seems as if you can change your life at will, and you can.


Imagine how your life would be if every aspect of it matched your vision statement. What does your vision make you feel? Are you really enthusiastic and excited? Are you attracted to it on all levels? You should be able to do this in less than 60 seconds every time.


If you’re satisfied with your vision, that’s great. If not, it's time to make some changes. Keep refining the image of your dream life until it feels spectacular. Now you might wonder if this process ever ends. The good news is that it never ends. Your vision always changes slightly during your life, which is good since your desires will also change.

Make sure your vision continues attracting you daily.

Your life will rapidly change as a result. As a result, these changes will indicate that you are actually making progress towards your vision.

Make a vision statement for each area of your life.

Think about your finances, relationships, adventures, health, social life, and spirituality. What would your life be like if you realized all these dreams?

Once you’ve done this, one of the hardest things to do is keep yourself motivated to create your dream life. You can do that by following these tips:

Take time to explore your talents and passions.

We all have gifts from God. What are yours? Find out what your passions and talents are by thinking about what you enjoy doing most. Do you like to write, cook, or sew? If so, take classes to help improve yourself improve in these areas.

Spend time with inspiring people.

Look for inspirational people. Find out how they got to where they are and why they do the things they do. Meet regularly if they are willing.

Consult trusted sources for feedback and buy-in.

Make sure your vision is on point with those you trust, especially your loved ones. Make sure they are on board with the plan and take their feedback into consideration.

Find accountability.

Look for people who encourage you and hold you accountable. Make sure they press you about it.

Don't be rigid.

As time goes on and circumstances change, you may need to change or tweak your vision. Consider your vision to be alive.

What's the point of spending time on this?

Take a moment to think about everything you do every day. In all you do, you are either achieving your own vision or helping someone else do the same. Wouldn't it be better if you helped yourself achieve your goals?

In order to create what you want, you first need to create a vision.

Keep tweaking your visions frequently and focus on living them. As time goes on, picturing something enjoyable becomes easier. Make a plan today; don't wait. Review them and improve them immediately afterward. Your life will change rapidly in the near future. You’ll start focusing on making your own dreams a reality instead of fulfilling someone else's.



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