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feeling defeated meaning


By Cid LeanosPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
feeling defeated meaning
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feeling defeated meaning

This meaning of feeling defeated is just a chance for us to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally. You can accept a defeat because as a spiritual being living in a physical body, there are no limits to our potential if we allow ourselves to learn from our defeats in a way that can serve us instead of hurting us.

The process of thinking negatively about defeat.

Thinking about it and accepting what is, is no easy task if you don’t know how to control your thinking and directed to what you want, and not to what you don’t want. Our brains are set up to protect us and help us survive in this world. It will take a mental picture and record the situation so that you’ll be aware of does things that hurt you. Doe's things are fine but when you don’t know when to change the thought or the picture or the movie that keeps on playing over and over again. Now that’s just causing us more pain "the problem" than a solution. We start conditioning ourselves and start creating beliefs and putting a limit to what we can do. We Cause us to prime ourselves through this condition of negative thoughts.

How to change the results of defeat

First, notice the negative thoughts that are constantly playing in your mind and try not to get swept away by the pull of your thoughts. Don’t judge them or be scared of them, just monitor them because as soon as you notice it’s not you thinking those thoughts that are being activated, you break free from them by quietly disempowering them by not giving in to what is playing in your mind. Our mind is like a supercomputer filter that processes the information that is then translated into this world and that has been collecting data throughout our lives. It's been recording what you like and what you don’t like and with age and time plus experience it analyses the information that is being experienced and then comes up with a conclusion based on experience “data” and if the information you need at the time is not available to make a secure decision it will either round it up to the closes data it has by association and if that’s not enough it will start to create fear. In other words, start paying attention to your unconscious thoughts that you don’t want to experience. Otherwise, there is no record in your memory to proceed and this will automatically trigger danger by default. Unless you are aware of your survival mechanism you will have a predetermined and predictable action that will create your destiny, so it is a matter of a conscious choice and what I mean by that is that this choice must be made at a level above the mind where the mind as no control over you, where is that you might say? well of course where you are! In the ever-present NOW, no mind just presents. Eckart tolly really explains this concept in depth in his books for me it was a very common way I transition this idea into my beliefs and it was my intense suffering that forced me to look for a new way because I couldn't stand the physical and mental pain that was going to lead to my immediate death that I go into detail in my book Spiritual Experience-The Revelation by cid leanos on amazon. Ever since that experience happened to me, my life has been very different, I understand how life is and I do not take it personally anymore even if there are situations that show up from "time to time" I feel that there are greater forces at play.


About the Creator

Cid Leanos

I like to tell you about a personal experience discovering spirituality but not in the practical sense, my Discovery came when an illness that no medical professional couldn't diagnose, and I made a decision to heal myself.

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