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Keep Evolving.

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When you can understand evolution, life itself can be understood. As the turbulent waves of life come crashing down, don’t let this cycle of life dishearten you. With strife comes exponential growth and this growth is part of the evolutionary process. As you learn you expand. Your strength becomes unmatched. Evolution is absolute.

You have come here at this very moment in time to go through your next phase, the next circle of life. We each have our own specific lessons for this go around. You can either use this time here for growth and evolving or you can repeat each lesson time and time again, until you understand what it’s trying to teach.

Life isn’t good or bad. Each one of us were put here to evolve as humans. Evolving is learning through experience. 
In your life what is meant to be will definitely find its way to you. Your life was written in the stars before you were even born. The universe knows what you need and who you need. It knows everything you’re supposed to experience this lifetime. The good and the bad, the reprehensible times show up only as life is trying to teach you the lessons you were supposed to learn while here on earth.

Nothing in this life is really good or really bad if you take it all into perspective. 
People will come and they will go. Nothing is to remain together forever. I think that everything has its purpose and when that purpose has shown you what you needed for the next chapter in your life, it fades away so that the fresh start can begin.

Everything is energy. Holding onto what no longer serves you never frees up space to allow anything new to come in for you. It’s looking for you, waiting in the shadows. Trying with all its might to be able to appear but without you letting go, that part of the evolutionary process will remain stagnant.

Everything is a process. Growth. Nothing stays the same. In the past year of your life how much has changed? Nothing ever remains as it was and that’s because it’s not supposed to. Things that appear exactly the same are just illusions. Humans are creatures of habit, trying to hold on to everything that seems comfortable in that moment but only when you can step out of your comfort zone is when you get to experience what’s waiting on the other side and that’s where your evolution can really take flight.

Let it. Let it come and let it go. If something has become a struggle to hold to, it’s telling you that it’s time to loosen the grip, let it expand as well but on its own.

Something new has been waiting to take its place. This could be a job, a friendship, a relationship and so on. If it’s encouraging your growth then by all means it’s definitely something to hold on to. If not, you already know the answer to the relevancy of it.

The perfect analogy, a flower. You plant the seed and you anticipate its growth. As it grows, it blooms into something absolutely pure and beautiful and you want to continue to water it so that it will grow bigger and brighter and more beautiful however if it doesn’t, soon enough you’ll have to dig up the weed that was just sitting in the earth, lifelesss, without growth, only watching it deteriorate and now you must dig it up, throw it away and plant the new seed to take its place. Just like the flower, things in our life are either growing into beautiful experiences or life lessons and both are mandatory for your growth.

Learn to let go of things that you aren’t supposed to change. Humans are problem solvers and are always trying to find a way to fix or change anything that seems off to us because it’s violation of our comfort zone but what if this change is meant to be?

Things that are meant to be in this chapter or the next will never be things that you must grasp. They’d be there regardless of your strength. Doors open and doors close. If one door closes understand that is happening for you, not to you. The universe is responding to your energy. We co-create our reality. Don’t keep trying to open the door that was meant to close, nail it shut so that the next one can open. Evolution doesn’t come while you’re still trying to see what’s behind it. It comes when you truly understand that it needed to close to open you up the new beginning that’s been waiting to take its place.

Always remember that life happens for you, not to you. That alone can help you recognize why it’s happening in the first place. No matter what, keep moving forward. Keep knocking. The right doors will always open without force, the ones that don’t, well, these aren’t the ones you’re supposed to walk through, anyways. 

Sending you rays of sunshine and joy. Have a beautiful day! 

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Angela Fosnaugh
Angela Fosnaugh
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