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Everything Will be Okay.

by Trenten Priest about a year ago in healing

A Meditative read by Trenten Priest

Photo taken and edited by Trenten Priest.

Hello Reader,

My name is Trenten and I am going to take you to a place where you need to be right now... but, before I do please clear your mind. Get rid of ALL negativity thoughts... everything going on in the world, and in your life right now, just stop thinking about it... yeah that... STOP... Breathe... Seriously take in a deep breath and breathe out.. Breathe in REALLY BIG and breathe out all of that negativity...

Okay, Now you are ready...

I hear the sound of the wind, But in the wind I hear a message, “ Hear Me” said The Earth. At that moment I wasn’t just hearing the wind.. I was the wind.. I could feel the air not only flowing around me, but through me. Yes I feel so... what is the word again? Oh yeah, Peaceful.... I feel at ease, as if I was in a bubble oblivious to the outside world around me..

As the Sunshine pours into the ocean like a golden waterfall, I see a reflection of ...myself.. Yes that is me, and this is mine. I look out to the endless body of water. Isn’t this what I am? A body powered by waves of energy flowing through time? Yes that is who I am.

I look down and see the sand between my toes... Is this my foundation? The base of my structure? I am now one with the Earth, just like a tree... like the Palm Trees around me..

The smell of salt water fills my lungs like a filtration device.. The more I breath in, the more I am purified... I feel clean, I feel nurtured. I feel loved.

The sound of the seagulls crying “thank you” reminds me of myself right now. I am one with the world.

I say to myself, “everything will be okay”. At this moment, I believe just that.... as I start to stray away from focus I am pulled back into the water like a current. This is my current situation.. the water is warm, the air is warm.. Is this the power of the sun? It must be be.. “oh sun, oh how powerful and magnificent you are”, I think to myself. “ Do you shine for me ?” I hear a majestic gust of wind right after, and the answer is Yes.

I feel at peace, I feel one with the World.. Everything Will be Okay.

As the Sun goes back to bed, the clouds come out to play. The Sun and the Clouds have a mutual agreement. The Sun shows it’s pride and power throughout the day. The Clouds cover the night sky like a blanket. I feel comfortable....

As I look through the clouds I see a shimmer of Gold. Is there a buried treasure amongst the clouds? I continue to look until I see a smile. Yes that is her. The moon, protector of the Light. I feel her energy, glowing through the night...

I began to close my eyes... and start to dream ... I start to dream of a time where I am at ease, and my world is at peace.. my dream is full of love and thankfullness, and ... and what is this? I feel water flowing through my feet.. it is time to open my eyes..

I am at peace, I feel loved.. I feel at ease.. this is no longer a dream this is Me. Everything will be okay, I say to Myself.

Everything Will be Okay....

Thank you,

Trenten Alexander Priest


Trenten Priest

Hello I am Trenten Priest, and I will change this world, one song at a time.

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Trenten Priest
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