Everyone Fails, Even in Fitness

by Isaac Middleton 2 years ago in success

You can achieve your goals.

Hello friends, fans, and family,

Failing is never easy. Even in fitness people fail on several first attempts but the persons that does not give up and keep on going will achieve their fitness goals. I know you may say it is easy said than done so I will give you some examples. If you choose to watch this video I will talk about several reasons. I will use myself as an example. In 2006 started out at almost 300 pounds. I decided to lose weight I my goal was to get to 250 pounds. It seemed like nothing when I was talking to people, and maybe that was their way of trying to get me mentally ready for what was to come. As I engaged into this endeavor I learned that my calorie count played a very important part in me losing weight.

Again, people said that this was easy, but no one told me this and I did not know to ask so when I finally found out it was big news to me. I knew nothing about losing weight, gaining weight or staying in shape. Even though I grew up working out and following my brothers as they went on their fitness endeavors. They did teach me a lot, but I forgotten a lot over time and the new improvements and new things were introduced as the years passed I never really learned. My workouts became routine until I lost interest in fitness all together. I regained my interest later in life, but I kept in shape because I always enjoyed lifting weights plus I played sports. It was ironic that I lost interest in fitness, haha. When I decided to lose weight my knowledge in fitness and all that my brothers had thought me was all but gone and I did not even know where to start. So, I started researching fitness and losing weight and I learned a lot. I learned about calories deficit and nutritional eating.

I still have and had a lot to learn but I was able to put together a good routine and I also learned that eating or what I ate played more of an important part than I initially thought. What kept getting me was the time factor. Yes, I was like everyone else who wanted to see results immediately. I started on Monday and I thought that I would have lose fifty pounds by Tuesday of the next week. No, really, I really, really thought that I would lose 50 pounds in eight days. The sad part was that when I did not lose the 50 pounds in eight days I was sad and mad. I even considered that everyone was lying to me and that I would never lose the weight. To compound that with the naysayers and doubters and self-doubt the chances of me losing weight became slim to none. However, my mom of all people gave me the courage to continue. Over the course of nine months I lost 50 plus pounds. Once I achieve this goal most of the naysayers congratulated me and said that they always knew that I could do it.

However, if I would have listen to them then I would have never got to hear them apologize and congratulate me. So, my encouragement to you is don't allow people to tell you that you can't do something. Do your research, plan, and achieve your goal. Only you can do it and only you can allow people to talk you out of it. The choice is yours. It is said that each person has something to contribute to society and this thing can only be done by them. If you allow someone to talk you out of your goals and/or your fitness goals you may be losing your contribution to society.

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