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Enhance Your Memor

way to improve your memory

By Mortagy RashedPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Enhance Your Memor
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When poor memory causes us to function below our abilities, it can be a frustrating problem. The nature and severity of the consequences can vary.


1. Inadequate nutrient intake.

2. Hardening of the cerebral arteries.

3. Inadequate blood flow to the brain.

Four. Anemia.

5. Nervous system exhaustion.

6. Dispersal of mental energies across multiple activities.

7. Emotional issues that preoccupy the mind.

8. Inadequate organization.

9. In general, poor living habits.

10. Excessive use of alcohol or other drugs.

11. Consistent use of tranquilizers or pain relievers.

12. A lack of exercise or movement to relieve tension.

Toxins accumulate in the body.


1. Purify the body and mind by eating a clean diet and fasting on occasion to revitalize the nerves and blood vessels.

2. Consume foods high in B complex vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

3. If the problem is severe, take supplements such as B complex and Brewers yeast. Yeast, magnesium, calcium, and an amino acid complex are specifically designed to improve memory.

4. Avoid white sugar, white flour, and all products containing these ingredients. Avoid all chemical preservatives, as well as over-processed foods and foods cooked several days before.

5. Emphasize raw fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains.

6. Consume alfalfa sprouts on a regular basis.

7. Use deep relaxation and positive projection techniques to free your mind from whatever is bothering it on a daily basis.

8. Practice meditation and concentration.

9. To remember something specific, repeat it three times to yourself, associating it with an image you will not forget. Images stick out more in our minds. As a result, if you create a humorous or serious idea for each important thing you want to remember, you will be more successful in remembering.

10. Make a list of everything you need to do each day. You won't have to burden your mind with something that a piece of paper can do. When you've finished each activity, cross it off the list, and whatever isn't completed that day can be carried over to the next. Carry a piece of paper and a pen with you at all times and jot down what you need to remember right away. There is no chance of forgetting anything important this way.

11. Keep a daily journal in which you record the things you tend to forget. You may be able to detect a pattern that can be corrected if you can identify the types of things you forget and the situations in which you usually fail.

12. Practice low head postures such as the 1/2 shoulder stand, prayer position, and forward stretch on a daily basis to ensure adequate blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Those with poor memory should practice these three times per day.

13. Also, perform exercises for the nerves of the spinal column and neck to relieve any tension that has built up there.

14. Seek assistance in examining your emotional life and the various problems that occupy your mind so that you can be free of worries and focus more clearly and completely on the present moment. The various fears and anxieties that clutter our minds drain and confuse us. When the mind is at ease and secure, it remembers much more clearly.

15. Overcome fear and lack of self-assurance. These are significant impediments to the mind's free flow in all situations.

16. Until you can solve the problem, try to accept it and not be upset about it. When you reject yourself because your memory is poor, you further stifle your mental energies. So take care of both yourself and the problem while working to solve it. As a result, until you improve your memory, accept yourself as you are and make extensive use of lists for more effective functioning.

17. Engage in activities that relieve stress and tension, such as exercises, dancing, nature walks, swimming, singing, gardening, and anything else that you find enjoyable.

18. Practice deep relaxation techniques on a daily basis and program your mind to alert you to any important health Fitness Articles information you require at the appropriate time.


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