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Embracing Winter

by Donna Giffen 2 years ago in healing
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Withdraw and be still, rest and renew with the Season.

It's officially Winter, hurrah!!!

Slow down. Rest. Revive. Renew.

I love this time of year, this phase in the turning seasons, the Wheel of the Year. The time for resting, passivity, the conserving of energy, the beauty in the stillness and silence. The darkness. And the awareness of all that lies beneath, quietly restoring itself.

Don't wish the Winter months away, longing for Spring, they are full of beauty & abundance, if we allow them! Withdrawal into darkness is essential for renewal and rebirth. Be still. Be silent. Be present. If we pay attention to the natural cycles that govern the Earth, the Seasons and of course, all of us too, we will recognise our need to wind down and take rest, to ease up, even curl up, to hibernate in some way. In Winter the Earth is resting after the natural death at the end of October. This is a fallow period, a deep and necessary resting phase, not just for nature as something separate from us, but OUR nature too. We also have this need. Yet many are caught up in the frenzy of rushing, stressing, spending, over-spending, pleasing, worrying, feeding into the idea of the "busy time of year" and before they know it, it's gone and they didn't really honour their own needs or the calling of this Season.

We must respect the cycles of our own nature too by finding time to simply sit, pause, breathe, rest, consolidate and regenerate. In stillness and silence we find peace, tranquility, renewal and restoration, by returning to our core. And we prepare ourselves for the next cycle of life.

Now, interestingly, it's a great time to work some magick with new ventures, it is after all, the time of new beginnings as we celebrate the return of the Sun King who brings with him the promise of light and warmth. But rebirth and renewal, the art of manifesting doesn't always have to be about dynamic action. Embrace the deep stillness of the Season by sitting with the core of your ideas and visions and simply welcome in the new energy, which will quietly fuel them with subtle light and warmth until they are ready to bud and bloom.

"Winter gives birth to the buds of spring and the glory of summer. So rest. Revive. Renew. Embrace your seasons." - Sophie Chiche

A Winter Ritual

- Before any ritual beyond my usual meditation I like to start with a salt bath or shower to cleanse.

- Pour a few cups of salt into the warm bath water and 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil. You can add some dried rose petals for extra lushness. For the shower, grab a handful of salt with a few splashes of lavender oil and apply to damp skin, massing all over and imagining all impurities washing away down the drain.

- Make a nice herbal tea. Peppermint or cinnamon, orange and clove are nice for this time of year. 

- Burn some incense or sage and maybe play some chilled, Winter Forest style background music. 

- Find a quiet spot and just sit with your tea, and yourself, however you're feeling and just be present. Still, silent, breathing and sipping, present and aware of the taste, smells and sounds.

- Then just rest your hands on your lap, palms facing up and bring awareness to the rise and fall of your ribs and chest with your natural breath. Sit upright but soft, rather than rigid, relax your jaw and soften your face and allow each inhale to draw clean, fresh energy to your lungs and the exhale to send a wave of relaxation throughout your body, creating more stillness with each cycle. 

As you feel this restfulness flow throughout your body, simply draw in and distribute energy with a few affirmations.

"I embrace this time of rest, connected with the natural flow of the Season.

I gladly accept this invitation to step back and slow down.

I find tranquility and peace in the stillness as my mind and body regenerate.

The quiet of Winter allows me to withdraw and reconnect with myself and I feel safe and nurtured in her darkness.

I easily release with the Season what is no longer for me and gain clarity on my next steps.

I inhale and revitalise my cells with clean, fresh energy.

I exhale, breathing light, warmth and contentment throughout my body.

I see the beauty and abundance in this essential time of restoration.

I am ready to welcome the renewal and rebirth of this next cycle and I breathe faith and vitality into my vision for my life.

I am present and I am grateful for this Season."

May you have a blessed Winter and check out my page for a wee Yule post.

Love, Dx


About the author

Donna Giffen

Wanderer with many passions who can't pick one to fully pursue, so dabbles in them all.

Actress, singer, presenter, author, speaker, coach.

Plant-powered nature junkie, rambler, seeker, lover & sharer of all things Magickal

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