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Don’t Be Pressured. I‘ll Give You 5 Reasons to Stay in Your Comfort Zone

by Olivia Marlene 7 months ago in self help

It’s OK not to conform to the norm

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I have a question for you.

How many self-help books or articles have you read so far? And out of those, how many advised you to slow down, breathe, and simply be who you are?

I've read countless self-help books, personal life stories, and watched plenty of YouTube videos on personal improvement. Well, they carry the same theme. They encourage, they cheer, they all say go, go, go! You can do more!

Everyone is obsessed with goals and stretching beyond limits. Even meditation is used as a tool to increase what we can achieve. Well, to be honest, for half of my existence, I followed the herd. I was objective-driven, target conscious, and a goal medalist.

But today, I’ll be different. I’ll be the one to tell you that it’s ok to stop. Don’t fight one battle after another, you will wilt, you will die. For once, stay secure, stay in your comfort zone. Enjoy life, work safe, work without pressure.

For sure you doubt my suggestion because books, videos, mentors, and even your friends tell you that it’s dangerous to remain in your comfort zone. They advocate continuous poking of the comfort bubble for you to burst free and continue marching to another growth zone.

Don’t forget that your comfort zone was once your growth zone. You are now there because you grew bigger than the hurdles. Assimilate first your improvements. There is no rule that living in comfort and minimal stress is wrong.

I decided to stay in my comfort zone. I deserve it. For 20 years, I build the place with pain and persistence. It became my kingdom where I am confident, I’m an expert, and I can do tasks in an instant. Familiarity. That what makes the comfort zone comfortable, right?

For how long will I stay? As long as the stress-free environment does not transform to be my stressor. I’ll know that I’m ready to get out when I’ll start getting bored with the peace and security that my comfort zone gives me. Listen to your mind and body. They will tell you when you are ready.

If they claim that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, I reply:

“My life now begins in my comfort zone”

Give me a chance. Here is my non-conformist take on this comfort zone issue for your consideration.

5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Stay in Your Comfort Zone

1.) You need time to rest and recuperate

If you conquered several comfort zone challenges, you need to recollect your energy and regain your composure. Several victories over life battles can be both physically and mentally taxing. Give yourself a break before planning to undertake another ambition.

You are not a machine. Take care of yourself.

2.) You have to honor your milestones

Give yourself the reward of celebrating your accomplishment. When you attain a life goal, appreciate the drum roll. Take pictures with the colorful confetti and imprint them in your heart and soul. Don’t rush to chase another goal, you just arrived at your destination.

3.) You can share your expertise with the most number of people using the least amount of effort

This is my favorite and what convinced me to enjoy my comfort zone. I thought of this a thousand times and I can stand by this.

Standing in your comfort zone means doing the actions that you are familiar with. Therefore, you have the competence and expertise. Whatever you do is effortless. Why not try to impart knowledge that you have gained through the years?

Share to as many people as you can. You will bless more people while giving minimal effort and encountering zero stress. Instead of rushing to add wow-sounding accomplishments to your name, hand over a part of who you are. You may find true happiness like where I am now.

4.) You can finally concentrate on the things that you love

Honestly, do you love to have stress most of the time? Moving out of your comfort zone is risky and terrifying. Do you need to go through it to stay alive?

When you worked out of your comfort zone to seize an opportunity while it lasts, for sure you had other opportunities that you threw up. Most of the time these are concepts that you love.

In my case, while I was busy studying so I can advance the career ladder, I shortened family time. Now, my kids are grown up and I knew I haven’t given them their entire mom. The same goes for my parents, they are aging but I didn’t notice because of being busy all the time.

Lingering in your comfort zone will enable you to make up for things that are truly important before they are gone.

5.) Life is meant to be lived in peace, happiness, and security that only the zone of comfort can give

Do you want to spend the rest of your life always busy, stressed, and distressed? That’s what we pay to conform to society’s norm of always leaving our comfort zone.

To stay is not being lazy. It’s just that you resolve to live life in tranquility and there is nothing wrong with it.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating permanently settling on your comfort zones. What I’m saying is, it’s OK to linger, to stay, and to savor the life that you made. In time, you will feel ready for another journey. Don’t succumb to society’s pressure, you deserve to live in peace.


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