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Do Not Let People Kill Your Dreams


By Charlene EllisonPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

My dreams create visions that are explored through fantasy land and ways to make some of them turn into successful goals. Success can be education, happiness, and overcoming life struggles. Dream chasers have goals planned and it is within a time frame. They are full of creative ideas and eager to complete a task. Dream killers have restrictions, low enthusiasm, and present negative energy to place doubt in your ability. They are the people who say no, hidden agendas, and you cannot be better than me individuals.

Life is a gift that offers abilities to be enhanced, life lessons to be learned, and the willingness in helping others. It takes nothing to inspire others to push for greatness and allow resources along the way. However, individuals placing the fear of rejection or insecurities of one's downfall can cost everything! It can cost a career, self-esteem, and grief. Unfortunately, some no’s can be positive that the job was not the best fit, and something greater is waiting. The dreams come from a vision of inspiration so that you can remember you are worth it. It is a place to go to unwind with free thoughts of anywhere you want to be or anyone you want to be. Magical ideas appear that you would gain insight by a mere fantasy land yet believe that it can come true.

Dreams will turn into goals achieved with hard work and self-determination. Why not reach for the stars and let your wisdom shine so bright? Set goals that are reasonable to obtain, reach them, and then set new goals. Stepping stones are a great way to observe achievement and to look back on all your accomplishments. It is the true meaning of self-worth and realization of finding your happiness. Life is never a competition, yet we are older way longer than we are younger. Unfortunately, many say why put off today what I can do tomorrow. Although, tomorrow may be too late and forever is only in a dream.

Life struggles can be weighing you down yet with a clear head dreams make you see that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. It is telling you that no matter how big the task you can dream, work hard, and make it a reality. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had a dream and he said only in the darkness can you see the stars. That magical place with so much adventure, ambition, and hope. I go to that place at times to escape into a beautiful place filled with so many joyful stories. Dreams are different for everyone to go through and their own musical sounds.

My dreams are a place where I find peace and nobody else is there but me. I travel to a place of images while my emotions sometimes get the best of me. I feel as though I go to sleep with a smile on my face as I travel from place to place. Dreams start as ideas, thinking out of the box, and one day memories you hold dear to your heart.

Dreams are personal journeys we go on alone, whether day or night.

We go out of the box to create images that bring you closer to the light.

When you close your eyes, magical thoughts appear in your sleep.

Then you awake to write your thoughts to keep.

Every one’s dreams are unique in every way.

Simply because our thoughts change every day.

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears.

Live, laugh, love throughout your years.

Dream so big that it scares you.

Be confident to make them true.


About the Creator

Charlene Ellison

I am a graduate student in general psychology. I love to express emotions through creative writing leaving individual's with a positive thought out of a bad situation!

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