Discipline Works

by Spencer Schmidt 4 months ago in self help

Dedicating Yourself Changes Your Life.

Discipline Works

One thing I've always discussed in my stories was the idea of motivation. Motivation cannot be short-handed in what it brings to the table for someone who wants to accomplish a massive feat in their life. Things as small as getting to the gym once a week, to starting a self-employment opportunity. It's been a main factor for many people's success stories, and they all have different motivators behind their stories too. Motivation has been undoubtedly the number one source of my continuous effort to better my life in every possible facet.

BUT. One thing I unfortunately have not spoken on a lot... if at all... is DISCIPLINE. Discipline goes hand in hand with motivation to actually work how they're supposed to. Somebody (like myself) can have all the motivation in the world (like I did), and still do nothing with it. Everyone has their reasons behind why they have the motivation that they do. Everybody's reasons are specific to themselves, and unique in some way.

Discipline is the catapult for the projectile, which is the motivation. Motivation is such a desirable feeling, and once you have motivation, you feel unstoppable! You feel like anything can be accomplished! Then you start to put together an idea of what your life will be like... how you want it to be, and how much money and freedom you'll have at your fingertips after all the work has paid off. A few days pass and you're still high off of a motivation-frenzy of sorts, and you're still motivated to start the work that you need to do to get you in the position you want in life. A few more days pass by, and you begin to lose the motivation, because you haven't even started the process of beginning. You haven't researched what it takes to get what you want. You haven't done anything to actually build off that motivation, and utilize it while you have it for however long you choose to hold onto it. Negativity starts to push its way back into your mind here and there, telling you that you're not able to get what you want, or that you can't make it, because you're just some person.

Discipline is what is needed to actually get you from Ground-Zero to living the happiest, most fulfilling lifestyle you can ever think of. You have to put down your phone, put down your PS4 or Xbox1 controller. Turn off the TV, and stop going out to parties and bars in your free time. If you don't like what you hear, you can click off the page, and go on with your life, that's no issue to me. But if you want to actually start succeeding and winning, then the useless time-wasting YouTube videos, and Call Of Duty, and getting drunk can be saved for another day. Utilize your social media for branding. Use it to sell whatever you want. It's free AD Space. Get yourself your favorite snacks, your favorite music, and sit down, and read books, or study on your computer about what it takes to get you to become an expert in the field or career that you want to be wildly successful in. It's NOT a hard process when you compare it to what your life would be like if you stayed broke, unhappy, and scared the rest of your life.

The most important thing you can do in your life is dedicate time to invest in yourself. Once you have the knowledge necessary for success, nothing can stop you but yourself. Enroll yourself in courses online, or watch tutorials on how to train yourself in your field. If you want to become a photographer, follow and watch videos of other photographers and videographers on Instagram and YouTube that have done it for years. The world of becoming your own boss is at your fingertips—and it's now easier than ever because of the internet. You can learn anything just by typing in a question, you can interact with anybody just by sending them a message.

The world of possibilities is ENDLESS, and yet you feel like you don't have what it takes?? Apple was started out of a garage... a Garage. Richard Branson; creator of Virgin Records, which later branched into Virgin Airlines... despised school, dropping out at a very young agetopursue his dream of becoming something better than what everyone was around his life. You are somebody who has a blank page every time you wake up, and the only person with the pen to write on that page is you. So, let me know... what're you going to do tomorrow when you wake up? You're in control of your story, and what gets to be put in the book of your life with all the other chapters. Are you going to rewrite the same shit that keeps putting you in depression, and stay stagnant until you die? I would hope not, and I hope this blog has some meaning to you, and your decisions in the future.

I want to hear about the dilemmas you're facing, the questions you're facing, and I want to help you out! Please shoot me a message, get in contact with me, and let's change some shit around. I'm excited for the future, and you should be too! You're going to die, that's unavoidable... so it's on you to die happy or die sad.


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I appreciate you taking the time to read my story, and I apologize to those who have waited for another one to come along! If this story attached to you, or made you react in some type of way, I would like to hear about it. You can reach me at either of the above locations, and I'm always ears to the commentary, reactions, and criticism that any of you felt from this story!

Spencer S :)

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