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Crypto Retirement Plan: May Update

Progress report for May

By Sam BTCPublished about a month ago 3 min read

At the start of 2024 I had shared the blueprint of my strategy on how I plan to make more than a million while starting from $0 during the next 2 years as I expect the bull run to hit it’s peak the en of 2025.

Since then I have been posting monthly update on how the journey is progressing so far. During January, February, March and April I saw that the initial months saw many decent airdrops getting launched and the whole market sentiment changed from bearish to bullish.

April was a bit slow and May also did not see much action compared to the previous months, but I feel things are getting heated up in the background and we may seen witness a bullish explosion taking the markets to a completely different level.

I plan to use the slow months to keep grinding for the upcoming projects and keeping a close eye on which are the new trends which keep evolving and try to be involved in the next big narrative which might shape the bull run.

Quick Recap for May!

I had made a post on my earnings during January,February, March and April which you can refer if you want to see the details. There was a steady flow of airdrops during the initial months but things slowed down in April and May continued to be a dry month as most of the big airdrops seem to have been delayed.

The broad summary was that I got decent allocations from Airdrops in January from zkFair, MANTA, WEN, JUP, LFG (LessFeesGas).

In February I got the $STRK airdrop from Starknet which was worth about $220 at that time.

In March I got Polyhedra’s ZK tokens worth more than $500. This initially was doing well but has taken a severe beating during the corrective phase now.

April and May turned out very disappointing with the big airdrops like zkSync and LayerZero getting further delayed. Also it seems the golden phase of getting big airdrops is pretty much over but that topic probably deserves a separate post.

April would have been a completely dead month except for the airdrop from Nibiru of it’s NIBI tokens which was worth about $50 when I got it.

How was May for my Retirement Plan?

I was expecting that there will be some big airdrop airdrops in May but it finally did not happen. If it will happen in June or not we can’t be sure.

In May I received 2 airdrops:

$MODE - $30

$NOT - $200

These 2 airdrops were bit of an eyeopener for me as I was expecting Mode to be one of the big airdrops looking at all the hype around the project. I also participated actively in all the apps within the ecosystem of Mode so I was really disappointed with such a small airdrop. It is a clear indicator that big well promoted projects do not translate into good airdrop opportunities.

On the other hand the NotCoin airdrop was very different as it was launched as a fun game where you tap the the coin symbol on your mobile and keep earning points. There was no commitment of airdrop or any monetary value. They named the coin as NotCoin to emphasise that it is just a fun project and don’t expect the coin to have any real monetary value.

And once the coin was launched I surprised to see a $200 airdrop for just randomly tapping on the game once in a while. The coin on the whole is already close to top 60 by market cap which is no small feat.

I plan to hold 50% of my NotCoin allocation long term as the team behind it seems to be working well on the roadmap.

Big Disappointment from Taiko

I was really disappointed by Taiko as I had been grinding very actively for Taiko for 2 years now participating in all of their campaigns. I was travelling during the last 3 weeks due to some urgent stuff at my 9 to 6 job which could not be avoided. I was really heartbroken when Taiko announced that you just had 1 week to verify your airdrop claim. I was not carrying my personal laptop and phone so I will never know what allocation from Taiko I was eligible for. I think 1 week of a deadline is too short for any serious project. It just shows that more projects will come up with arbitrary conditions to reduce the airdrop allocation to their group.

I hope June turns out different after the slow months of April and May.



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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Hey, just wanna let you know that this is more suitable to be posted in the theChain community 😊

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