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Where Will I Be or Go?

By Jim GavenPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

When you come to a crossroads, you know a decision has to be made. In the end, there are really only 4 directions you can go: Right, Left, Backwards, or Straight Ahead. We can think of them as East, West, South, and North. Let's break it down:

1 and 2) Going right or left might seem like you're going off track, taking a detour if you will. This is OK for a short-time as we all have to find ourselves in some way, shape, or form. Otherwise we may be more like the 'puppy who lost their way' wandering around with no direction. Sometimes a detour is needed to go soul-searching and find out who we really are and what we want out of our lives.

3) Going backwards seems like a literal and metaphorical step back. In society's eyes, this is NOT a direction we want to be going. To go backwards seems like we are either just giving up outright or afraid to move forward. You can think of it like the phrase 'analysis paralysis'. However, there is an age old saying something to the effect of, 'sometimes you have to take one step back in order to take two steps forward'. Yes, this is a cliche, but there's a reason why cliches are the way they are. It's because they're often true. We have to keep in mind that most things in life are temporary, so 'this too shall pass'.

4) Going straight ahead seems like the obvious direction for us to go. This is when the vision of the future is clear, all of the people and things once in our way have moved to the side allowing us to go full steam ahead, and everything is aligned to be in the 'flow state' or the 'zone'. We are shown various signs of hope and given a metaphorical, and sometimes, literal, 'green light'.

Even though the answer may be clear (going straight ahead), have you considered there may be a fifth option? Being Still and Waiting.

"But, if I'm being still and waiting, the moment might pass me by and whatever door was opened may close!" Could this happen? Yes, but taking this course of action may be your best bet in certain circumstances. Like, for instance, investing in a company.

Here's another cliche: Good things come to those who wait. So, if we have to wait, it's not a bad thing. Think about it--we don't have to worry too much about making the wrong decision by rushing, feeling like we've failed before we started, or being so scared to not be able to make any decision at all. We can just go on living our lives like we would anyway, and then...boom...the answer reveals itself to us. It could be when doing something mundane like washing the dishes. It could be while we're out on a walk to clear the head. It could be while in the midst of working on an important project for work. It could be while taking a shower or going to the bathroom. The bottom line is it could happen at anytime anywhere, and that we don't have to let the 'thinking about it' consume us. All we have to do is be open to hearing the answer or the solution. To be the antenna or the channel for the idea or inspiration to speak to us and through us. And, when it does, all will be clear.

So, what's the moral of the story? To be patient, wait for the right moment, and then, when it comes, take action and never look back. In doing so, we take the stress, anxiety, and worry out of the equation, freeing our minds up to think of hopeful, positive things and ideas while being fully in the moment at all times. As a result, we will be able to live our lives more in the present moment, being more peaceful, and joyful state. You'll say, Crossroads, and I'll say, 'Look in the middle of the cross because that's where I'll be.'

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