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Change Is Coming!

by Cocoa K. ✨ 2 years ago in self help

Releasing Fear

I see fear in change every single day with my fellow peers. Quite frankly, within myself too; sometimes I’m afraid of change—subconsciously. What I mean by this is, before change can transpire, a major shift has to happen. When that major shift happens, most of the time, it does NOT feel good. It gets real uncomfortable.

Major shifts may look like: a loss of a job, relationships/friendships ending, family issues, physical issues, a feeling of separateness, etc. You know those times in life where things just start getting crazy and out of hand? Yeah, that’s a major shift, and that means CHANGE is on the horizon.

When these major shifts are transpiring, some of us get taken over by FEAR—the enemy. We get afraid of seeing whats behind those closed doors, we get afraid of what might happen if we quit that job, or if we leave that relationship. This is all just FEAR, which in my opinion, is an illusion.

In most cases, FEAR wins. Fear is like that coffee cake muffin I can’t seem to stop buying from Dunkin’ Donuts. By giving up, doubting ourselves, holding opportunities off, making excuses, staying, not letting go... these habits are all results of fear. But if you’re strong, FEAR loses.

Personally, I have struggled with fear for a long time. I actually never knew how strong and devious fear was until 2018—a few months ago. I had fear of losing my friends, fear of losing my boyfriend, fear of not having enough money, fear of people hurting me... you name it. I had it. This horrible habit of fear stopped when I read this book, The Universe Has Your Back—Faith over Fear by Gabrielle Bernstein. Oh how I love this book and this woman! The book provided affirmations, meditations, prayers, and wisdom—all to help you through your healing journey.

Now that I am healing, I am able to witness when my fear thought patterns start fucking with me. Being able to notice these thoughts, is truly the beginning to success. Realizing the thoughts, and stopping them right there!

Here are a few things to help you annihilate FEAR! To begin realizing your fear-based thought patterns, try this:

* Ask yourself: “what is it that I want?”—it’s good to know what you truly want, what your heart desires. You will start to notice the fearful thoughts start rising once you tell yourself what you want. But, don’t get discouraged.

* Meditation: meditation allows you to come back to yourself, and it increases the chance of resilience. Sitting in stillness truly is a good way to hear yourself think clearly, receive messages, and relax your mind and body.

* Journaling: journaling is honestly the number one key to your road to transformation. Writing allows you to witness everything you're thinking and feeling. Writing is a good tool to figuring out your emotions, and it helps separate your intuition from your fear-based thoughts.

* Affirmations: affirmations are like positive prayers you say to yourself to keep on going. Everything you say, think, and feel becomes your reality. So by saying positive affirmations to yourself daily, it really does help reduce the fear-based thoughts.

Fear will always come knocking at our door at some point in our lives. But, building a strong mindset, and having great mechanisms will help you through those milestones.

When you start experiencing the major shifts, just remember that change is on the horizon, and that you’re only going through this TEMPORARILY. You’re being prepared for the greatness that has yet to come. Your future is bright darling, keep on shining!

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Cocoa K. ✨
Cocoa K. ✨
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