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Between Me and My Dreams

A Chapter from My Journey

By Yoga PhratamPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

This is a chapter from my journey to realize my dream. I was born in the late 1990s, when technology was less advanced than it is now. I spend my time playing traditional games with my peers. Those days, on the other hand, felt considerably more meaningful. life values that cannot be replaced. I'm glad I was born during that time period.
I was born and reared on the fringes of a little town that few people are aware of. a basic small family, but the message is that we should always be thankful for whatever we have. Ahhh, it doesn't seem like dozens, if not decades, have passed since then. I miss the comfort they provided. In the past, I never considered the future or what fate might await me.
Thank you, mom and dad, for the upbringing you provided for me to become the person I am today. How terrible our days have been, how many tears have had to be shed, and how much patience you have needed to educate me Thank you very much.
I was not a popular kid at school; I was considered a quiet kid who didn't have many friends. I have nothing to be proud of, and I am not a smart student recognized by the teacher, nor am I a member of any school organizations. That was before I began changing everything that was wrong with me.

I went back and rewrote the pages of my dreams. I reassure my little heart that I will succeed. Yaaa, reach for the stars; if you fall, you will fall among the stars. This is my dream, and this is how I live my life. Nobody else will write the story of my life's journey; I must take up the pen of fate and begin writing it myself.

That was exactly three years ago. This is the most important decision I've ever made in my life. a heartbreaking decision. It's impossible to say how many sacrifices I've made. It took me a long time to gradually realize this dream. Line by line, point by point, until this fantasy is wonderfully depicte.
I was aware at the time of the family's bad situation, even with regard to the mother's health. But my mom replied to me, "If that is your dream, chase it; no matter how hard it is, believe in yourself and never regret your decision." With a grin on her face, her mother told me, but her tears were visible.

Yaaa, I moved away from my hometown three years ago. I traveled up to 10,000 kilometers in order to fulfill my dreams. Once I receive a fully funded scholarship, I plan to pursue my degree overseas. I never imagined that this day would arrive. I was simply a little child, reliant on my mother, and able to cry at any time. This is my fate, and it's my choice.

On the day I left, I can still picture my mother fighting back tears as I started to go through the airport terminal. It had been three years since that day. I have not even gone back to my hometown yet. The idea is that, no matter how far I travel, I always have a place to go back to—a mother and a house are waiting for me when I get home.

Please be a little more patient with me, Mom. I'll do my best. Upon completion, I will undoubtedly return. I'll be right back in your arms. But for now, all we can do is cry our way through this need. This sacrifice will eventually lead to a lovely conclusion. I'm grateful to my friends and family, who always support me. I MISS YOU.

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Welcome to my Vocal-Media. Through my collection of soul-stirring poetry, immerse yourself in the rhythm of words and the melody of emotions. Join me on this poetic voyage where each line tells a story and elicits emotions.

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