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Benefits of Planning Ahead

Stuck in a rut? Maybe a little planning will go a long way to make your life better.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

I know there are some out there that don't believe in planning ahead. We never want to be bogged down by expectations and rules but we create these plans for our own benefit. Planning ahead could mean planning for the distant future or even for the day. Regardless of what kind of planning is done it will no doubt help you save money, time and your personal well-being.

Of course, I have to be a little realistic about it. Not everything is always going to go according to way you plan things. There's always random factors that get in the way of our plans. It's best not to get discouraged when obstacles get in the way.

For many of us we don't even have the time to even think of a plan. I'm here to say that you can.

Planning will give you a lot of direction in your life. Giving yourself goals will help you achieve great things because you'll be able to focus on the path to reaching your goals.

Every day we are bombarded with distractions. With information flying at us from every direction, there are more distractions than ever. If we don't have a plans or goals we could easily get lost to those distractions and get nowhere.

Back in the day we didn't have so many career paths or options for our life paths. Setting life path goals could be extremely difficult. I know that the thought of committing to something for the rest of your life can be very scary.

They say you only have one life to live but you also have to realize we live for many years. If you make a goal in life and you change your mind later on then go for for the new goal. At least you have a goal. There are billions of people living their lives aimlessly like cattle to corporations. Having a goal will make your life more rewarding.

This will save your time wasting on frivolous things. We'll know when we're wasting time. When we have goals in our lives we'll know when we could have spent our time more wisely. Having goals is part of setting your priorities in life.

Hopefully, knowing our priorities will help us plan our days a little better. We save our time by not watching so much TV or drinking our nights away.

Save time by just planning small things throughout the day. If you know where all the traffic jams are you might be able to find a better route to work or school. If you prepare yourself for a storm that could save you from a very bad day. You can even reduce the time it takes you to shop by doing comparing prices of different stores before going out so you can price match and get the best deals.

Being prepared in fact saves you on a lot of money as well. When you're prepared you're rarely late. This means less late fees and fines. Speeding tickets wouldn't even be a factor because you'd know when to get to places on time. The comparison shopping stated earlier not only saves you money on shopping but also on transportation and perhaps parking.

You could make better investments by budgeting your daily expenses. This would help you realize what you're over spending on so that you make less spur of the moment purchases. You'd also buy certain products in bulk to ensure that you get the lowest price. With the extra savings that you may make from budgeting you can increase your income by investing it in some sort of investment. Planning will help you decide how much risk you're willing to take to invest.

Again planning isn't always feasible. Sometimes there are things that happen in life that are entirely unavoidable. Illnesses in the family, house maintenance, accidents with other people etc. We cohabitate with billions of people around the world there's got to be something that goes wrong.

If these things happen you can't blame anyone. Things happen and we can't get frustrated that our plans have failed. Don't be discouraged from planning again. There's an option to have a plan B but not too many people are that gung ho about planning to have a plan B.

Sometimes you just have to take your losses and live another day. There is always a lesson in our failures.

For those of us that can't plan ahead at all. I would say you still can. Each of us has a daily routine. You may be planning your day more than you think. All you have to do is relax and think about your day. What can you do to tweak your day to make it a little more efficient? Continue making those tweaks and you'll start to plan your day a lot better. Little tweaks here and there are great for making your day a little better.

In the end, I would say that if you plan your day or your life, you not only save your time and money but it'll also help your own well-being. Your relationships will get better as you'll be on time for things and you'd be able to plan your friends and family into your schedule. That's if they're priority to you.

Planning is knowing your priorities. Sometimes priorities have to be reevaluated but that's a different subject. If you plan for your priorities you'll get them done a lot more efficiently then flying by the seat of your pants and hoping things will turn out great.


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