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Becoming the Epitome of Nike's Slogan

by K.J.George 10 days ago in self help / goals / advice
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Just do it (already)!

This one is for the over-thinkers like me. The one’s who go through the ‘what ifs’ of every situation. The ones who must come up with every possible scenario before thinking about doing something.

Just do it.

The number of times a day I must tell myself to just do something, you’d think I was an ambassador for Nike. But in truth, I am not and it’s the only way I can get out of my head long enough to do something.

My current goal in life especially going into 2023 is to just do well…everything. No questions. No hesitation. No over-analyzing anything. If it's on my mind to do I shall do so.


Overthinking is a killer to not only one’s sanity, but also a life that one deserves to live. How would I know? Experience.

I’ve always found it very hard to do anything without having to think through and plan the entire plan beforehand. But by doing that I’ve talked myself out of many opportunities and chances to a brighter future. I’ve talked myself out of many chances to learn something new or traveling to a new place for a new experience.

I mean we see people living life and being what I like to call “the epitome of the Nike slogan”, all the time on TikTok and Instagram. They would just get up one day and decide that they want something new or different and hop in their cars, or on a plane and travel miles away to get that feeling they are looking for. I envy it. Because I’ve never been able to do anything without thinking over ever possible thing that can go wrong.

Yeah, sometimes things don’t go as planned. And ideally when someone thinks of moving away or traveling, they think about the costs, and where they are going to stay and things like that. For security of course. Don’t want to be stranded somewhere with no money or food. However, I feel like those who can just get up and not think about things like that have experienced way more in life than I can ever imagine. Whether it be good or bad, I still envy that.

So, I believe that becoming the epitome of the Nike slogan is my biggest motivator in life right now. But it can also be a bug motivator for many people out there as well.

Why wait for anyone else to join you before you can go live your life? Why wait for the right moment, when the right moment could be the moment you step out the door and just go do whatever you want? Why hesitate on that decision that you’ve already made, just to take it back because you thought it over way too much?

Just do it.

Time doesn’t stop or slow down for anyone. And you cannot get those days back once they are gone. So many opportunities can be missed when you begin to overthink, question yourself, or even just simply by not taking action.

It took me 6 months to write something again, all because I sat down and tried to plan out what I should write next. That and “what if no one reads it” ate away at my confidence in writing. Something I actually enjoy doing. And yet the writings where I don’t think much of it and just write it, are always my best.

If there is something you want to do today, tomorrow, next year whenever…

Just do it.

You won't get those missed moments back, but you can always create those moments that you desire.

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