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Are You a Loser for Not Finishing School?

So, you didn't finish school. Does that make you unworthy?

By Amanda DoylePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - March 2022
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So, you didn't finish school.

Whether it was university, college, or even high school, there is a large portion of people who have been unable to finish school for some reason. Maybe they dropped out. Maybe they were kicked out. Either way, a lot of these people feel bad about this and feel like they are not enough because of this fact.

I have dropped out of university once, at the end of my third year, and I have dropped out of college twice. The first time, two years into my program. The second time, two weeks into my program. Yikes.

School and I haven't had a good history, and it's always come down to my mental health. My state of mind was never in the right place for me to be able to handle all of the stresses that came with post secondary. When I think of college and university, I feel anxious. All I can think about is the fact that I'm a failure for not being able to handle the pressure.

I think a lot of people put school on a pedestal. Yes, a full education guarantees you opportunities abound, as well as giving you more knowledge on the subjects that you studied. By having a diploma or a degree, you’re going into the workforce confidently, knowing that you have a spot.

But is your spot really guaranteed?

We have to start coming to the reality that the world isn’t like it used to be. The economy is garbage and only beneficial if you’re already rich. The job market doesn’t look the greatest either, unless you’re doing something that nobody’s ever done before. And even then, who’s gonna give you a chance?

The world is becoming cruel and harsh. How can we start becoming more self-sufficient, not having to rely on our parents or the government for money that neither of them really have? I mean… honestly. Who isn’t struggling for money, nowadays?

We can become self-sufficient by becoming business owners. What do you like to do? What do you like to create? How can you turn that into a business idea? It’s a hard struggle. But being your own boss provides satisfaction like never before. You’re making the decisions and calling the shots, so when you finally get that first sale, it feels so good because of all the work that you’ve put in.

I mentioned that a formal education leaves you with opportunities and knowledge of certain subjects. I’d argue that a real world education leaves you with the same. The opportunities are there, just different. And they may be a little harder to find. The knowledge is on different subjects, but it’s still plentiful. People who have been through shit usually have some good tales to tell, filled with wisdom and knowledge.

I used to be really disappointed with myself that I never finished school. I dropped out so many times, all because I was too sad and too stressed out to carry on. How weak am I?

But maybe the path that I’m on doesn’t require a formal postsecondary education. And maybe the path that you’re on doesn’t require a formal postsecondary or secondary education. If you feel called to explore that side of you again, go ahead, but don’t feel bad about not finishing school, when it was probably due to circumstances outside of your control.

I could talk more about this, but I won't. My message is that everybody has their own path. If you’re not meant to be in school, take advantage of the talents that you do have and move forward with those. That could lead you to your destiny.


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  • Nour Boustaniabout a year ago

    I have graduated from one of the best design schools, and I can tell you it's almost entirely useless. What I learned in life and practical experience is worth a lot more than what I learned in school. Unless someone is applying for science, law, or technology majors, I believe the internet offers more practical options than going to school. Thanks for sharing, Amanda.

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