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A Positive Attitude Can Lead a Man Solid Way

The power of positivity

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A Positive Attitude Can Lead a Man Solid Way
Photo by Jade Destiny on Unsplash

A positive attitude motivates us to start something positively. There is no substitute for positive willpower, gradually adapting to the results. The power of hope or positive will is manifold. Both bad thoughts and good thoughts affect our hearts. A positive attitude reduces the risk of heart disease, says a study. This test was done on some patients. It has been found that if heart patients are positive and are always motivated, their recovery rate increases. Their hospital visits also tend to decrease. Being positive increases their chances of living longer. Optimism is the main reason for the positive results observed in research. Optimism is useful psychologically to keep the heart healthy This means that optimism prevents us from various heart diseases. Not only that, but optimism also plays an effective role in lightening the burden of negative thoughts.

People with a positive attitude always love to learn and do new things. And about this new thing, fear does not work in them but thrill works. Optimists are more productive than pessimists. They reinforce themselves when they move on from past or present work. Which increases their confidence and chances of success. But the characteristic of pessimists is that they spend a lot of time dwelling on their mistakes. As a result, productivity does not work between them. New work or old work, they are always left behind.

I have seen many students who have no future in mind. There is no action plan. They only go to class and return home. There is a tradition in our country. Senior citizens feel that education does not lead to good jobs these days. You have to pay a lot of money to get a good job. Now merit has no price. This misconception is not only limited to them but they have managed to instill this idea in the younger generation as well. How can a person who has never received higher education understand the importance of education? Similarly, one who has not worked in a high position or earns a living by doing agricultural work, how will he know the correct job news?

Talking to a student studying in secondary, he says that higher education doesn't get you a job. He is studying with the wrong ideas. This misconception is preventing him from progressing. He is already frustrated by harboring misconceptions. If his idea is not accepted, i.e. if he cheats, he has to take a job with a bribe. However, 100% of the sectors do not have to take bribes. His mind is filled with despair and misconceptions to such an extent that he can no longer see the rest of the possibilities. No doubt he will study hard for the rest of his life and write his name in the book of losers. From the very beginning, he is brought up in an environment where he is pre-taught that 'you don't go to war, you lose'.

By Jade Destiny on Unsplash

At the individual level, if a role model exhibits a positive attitude, so will his followers. You can think about the field of work. If the boss of a company is cheerful and cheerful, motivating the employees then surely that company will survive very well in the competitive market. A positive attitude has far-reaching effects from personal life to work and family life. Optimism affects a person emotionally, psychologically, and socially.

If the environment around you is positive then automatically your motivation and success rate will increase. But being surrounded by negativity or maintaining a negative environment will continue to present 101 arguments on how you will fail and remain inactive. Similarly, if the leader of an organization is positive towards the employees, the employees will lend themselves to the leader.


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