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A Mindful Walk for Motivation and Positivity

Your legs drive you forward

By DenisaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
A Mindful Walk for Motivation and Positivity
Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Look around you.

Slowly breathe in and breathe out.

Feel the weight of your whole body. Slowly walk and focus on the way your legs move, how your soles touch the ground and drive you forward. Your legs take you anywhere you want to go – any destination, any place. They will listen and they will help you reach any mountain you decide to climb.

Breathe in again, and out…

Look at all the beauty surrounding you every day of your life. You use your sight every living second, and yet so often you forget to actually see the beautiful reality that is this world.

Let the vastness of your gratitude keep you warm. With every breath, let yourself be grateful. Be grateful for your feet, your legs, the way your body protects you against all harm. This very second, it does its best to keep you happy and healthy.

Observe the world around you. Look at the branches of a tree and how they intertwine, growing around each other from the very start where the roots begin. That is the beauty of life. A chain of strongly connected bonds unwilling to break. That is longevity, durability and love.

You possess all of that inside of you. You are a part of all life. You are an essential link of being. You are one and you are all.

Let your focus come back to your breath and keep walking, one foot in front of the other. Savour the act of moving forward and let it motivate you.

Always move forward. Nothing can stop you.

Look at the sun and let its sunshine warm your smile – the clouds are unimportant.

Not everything that matters is visible.

Not everything visible has to have an impact on you – all negative external forces are just there, independent from your own being, unable to reach you or hurt you.

You are your own existence. You attract beauty and success into your life.

Breathe, walk and focus on all the positive things you are grateful for. Trees, flowers, the sky, your close ones, the main source of your happiness.

How beautiful is it to be alive, to breathe, to ponder, to walk and to enjoy the simple act of being?

With every breath, imagine that you are filling yourself with positive energy and gratitude. It’s circling throughout your body, shining from inside out. Your heart is beating in its rhythm, your whole body absorbs it. The peace you feel is calm and stable. Nothing can bring you down.

You only move forward.

Breathe out. Your positive energy is pushing all worries away, outside through your nose. All negativity, stress and anger, every little worry on your mind – they are all evaporating in the air. Unimportant. Gone.

Breathe in and repeat. Fill yourself with love, kindness and forgiveness. Rid yourself of all hate, envy and worry. They aren’t worth it.

It’s just you, your body, your breath and the beauty everywhere around you.

You attract beauty and success into your life.

The world is full of opportunities, meaningful connections and kindness.

Look with your eyes and slowly observe everything you see. Smell the air. Let yourself smile and enjoy the moment.

Feel your strength.

You are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Your legs are driving you forward, and nothing can stop you.

Extend your inner peace to the whole area around you – extend it to everything you see, every human being you remember, every cloud in the sky.

The world is peaceful. You are peaceful with it.

You feel the strength to keep you in motion, the motivation to drive you to your destination, the gratitude to appreciate every step you take.

Walk towards becoming the best version of yourself. Walk and envelop the whole world in your positivity.

Walk and remember how beautiful it is to exist.


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