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A Creative Outlet to Deal with Lockdown

by Yvonne Knight 2 years ago in social media
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One thing that has helped me with this lockdown as tick-tock I tried the Post helpful videos about people with disabilities and maybe some General Life hacks along the way. I feel better because I am putting it out positive energy, as well as giving myself a project. I do have a YouTube channel called Yvonne Knight. However, those videos are a little more involved because of the editing process. Tick tock already has special effects and editing features built into the app. The features are pretty straightforward, even if you have no editing experience once so ever. I feel like making videos is its more comfortable way to express myself. Sometimes making videos is more relaxed than writing an article. YouTube, in particular, I can decide how long the video is going to be and how extensive the video edited Will be. When you write an article, you are writing to fit somebody else’s criteria. I like that YouTube and tick-tock give me more creative control over my work. I think in these times of separation, we need to find a creative outlet to express ourselves outward. We need to feel we are connecting to one another in some way, even though some of us cannot be with the one we physically want to be near.. If you are going to put forth a video on either platform, please consider doing a positive video, because there is too much negativity in the world right now. Please remember it takes a lot of courage to turn on the camera and pour out your creativity to the world. Some people Will is not tick-tock beautiful, but then again, the persons that are calling them ugly do not look much better than they do.

For those of you who wished to attack creators over the contents, I bet you have never created the content yourself. Sitting behind a computer and attacking somebody because of the way they look does not make you a badass. The fact is you are making yourself look weak and pathetic. If people have a physical deformity is not their fault. No one is at fault for the way they look, not even you. Your negative personal attack on somebody that causes somebody to commit suicide. How will you feel if you’re the reason why somebody’s dead? What if that negative thing you said was the last thing ricocheting inside someone’s head, that drives them to take down life. This thing your haters don’t seem to understand is that it takes forever to believe a positive comment, but a negative comment can stick with you and be believable Instantly. That person’s blood Will forever be are you a hand if your words are a contributing factor for a person to take their own life.

We need to learn how to build people up instead of tearing people down. I have toward many people down, because I let my anger give the better of me. I have damaged so many people because I could not control the boiling rage inside me. When we lash out at people, we have the potential to create angry, bitter people. Once you damage a person’s self-worth, you forever change who they are and how they see the world Before you put a negative comment morning another video, please take a moment and think about how that comment could impact a person’s self-worth. They’re just some broken hearts time won’t heal. Please take entire to put out positive energy; you’re never know who might need your encouragement.

We all need to be encouraging each other’s healthy outlets.

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