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6 Relaxation Practices I've Adopted

You can also incorporate them into your life

By Rejoice DenherePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
6 Relaxation Practices I've Adopted
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Every busy person will tell you just how difficult it is to find time to relax. They are right - it is difficult. If you are not intentional about making time for recreation and recuperation you will suffer from stress.

I have adopted relaxation practices, which you can also incorporate into your life.

Creating a New Board Game

I grew up playing board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo. We didn't have computers or smartphones back then, but we still had fun. I was inspired to create a new board game after reading about a family who created one. Their motivation was to get families to talk to each other more.

Bear in mind three essential qualities in all games of intellect:– Never to show selfishness or to wound the feelings of your adversary. To be modest with a good game. To lose without ill-temper, and to win without bragging. - W. Patterson

How It's Helping Me

  • Engaging my creative genius.
  • The board game could be the next big thing and generate income. That would be wonderful! I live in hope.
  • Helping me reduce screen time.

Learning to Juggle

I've always been fascinated by jugglers. I have a sneaking feeling that if I succeed I'll be indomitable. According to the website New Scientist

It oosts the connections between different parts of the brain by tweaking the architecture of the brain’s “white matter”

Juggling also improves hand-eye coordination by up to 10%.

You don't ask a juggler which ball is highest in priority. Success is to do it all. - John Armstrong

How It's Helping Me

  • It's improving my concentration levels.
  • My coordination skills will improve with more practice.
  • I'll be able to impress my friends at parties.

Learn a New Dance Move

I love dancing. As I've grown older there've been fewer and fewer opportunities to pursue this pastime. It is helping me stay fit whilst listening to my favourite tunex.

The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing. - Amit Kalantri

How It's Helping Me

  • I will be able to show off my new dancing skills at the next party I attend after the lockdown.
  • Infact, I might just record a video and share it on Tick Tock. It could be my moment of fame.


According to the American Osteopathic Association yoga can be used as a tool to stay healthy. There are many different types of yoga which have both mental and physical benefits. Yoga provides stress relief and reduces chronic pain.

It's not about being good at something. It's about being good to yourself. - Anon.

How It's Helping Me

  • I feel more calm and relaxed.
  • My flexibility is improving daily.
  • I sleep better.
  • My joints are not as stiff and my muscles aren't as tense

Making Jam

During the first lockdown in the summer I went berry picking and used the fruit to make jam.

Since I started making jam I've been wondering why I ever bought it from the store. It is quick and easy to make. It also tastes great with freshly baked bread.

Happiness is like jam. You can't spread even a little without getting some on yourself. - Anonymous

How It's Helping Me

  • Jam is easy to make.
  • Homemade jam tastes better than store bought.
  • It saves money.

Working on My Vision Board

I am a great believer in the power of vision boards. As I grow as a person certain aspects of my vision board need to be tweaked. I use Canva to create my vision board and use images from royalty free sites like Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay.

Don't let others tell you what you can't do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. - Roy T. Bennett

How It's Helping Me

  • Help me stay positive.
  • Help me envision a brighter future.
  • Help me focus on the right goals.

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