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5 Ways to Get Motivated Today

by Dillon Burroughs 3 years ago in goals

Change Begins Now

Feeling stuck? Unmotivated? You're not alone. It's easy to get down. To feel like it's the end.

But the end is not the end.

It's only the place for a new beginning.

Yes, life is hard. But you don't have to give up. Here are five ways to get motivated and find your fire again.

1. Write a Gratitude List

No matter how down you are, you have some things your can be thankful for. Make a list. Now.

10 things you are thankful for. Go.

Some of mine include:

  • My wife and kids
  • My job
  • My education
  • My home
  • Food to eat
  • Friends

What are yours?

2. Play Inspiring Music

You pick what you consider inspiring. I vary from fast-paced dance music to movie soundtracks to even Gregorian chant. Just pick something that makes you smile and play it.

If you don't know where to begin, try this little tune to turn your frown upside down. It definitely works for getting my kids out of bed in the morning.

3. Get Outside (If Possible)

I could list all the scientific reasons being outside improves our mood, but let me just cut to the bottom line and tell you to walk outside.

If you're reading this on your phone and it's not below freezing, walk out your door right now. You'll feel the wind, see the sun (or moon and stars), and breathe some fresh air.

And the benefits are just physical. One study noted the mental benefits of simply being outdoors, sharing:

Getting your daily dose of nature doesn’t have to involve traveling long distances or taking up extreme outdoor sports like kayaking. While a daily walk or bike ride is ideal, any green space can boost your mood and lower your stress and anxiety levels. Even sitting outside on a patio or balcony can give you access to sunshine and, at the very least, a skylight over your work or living space can provide natural light.

Being outside won't change everything, but it will begin the process of change that can help you move forward when everything in life is falling apart.

4. Move!

Whether you work out or not, you can move. Walk, dance, jump rope, run, kayak, stand on one finger—just get moving.

I prefer running. A long time. Very slowly. It has been said you cannot run for two hours and still be angry. I've found this to be true for nearly any problem I have.

5. Choose One Goal You Can Accomplish Immediately

If your goals appear daunting, start with one you can accomplish now. For example, if you can't make yourself work out, start with putting your workout clothing out the night before. If necessary, sleep in your workout clothing so you'll be more likely to start the day off well.

One of my top ways of motivating myself for the next day is to fall asleep thinking about the number one goal I will tackle the next day. If nothing else goes right, I will at least finish that one thing.

This type of laser-focus helps in other areas as well. If you struggle with accomplishing a list of tasks, consider choosing the top task you must complete. Once you win over this goal, take on your second most important task.

You'll never finish every goal (at least if you are pursuing anything major), but the momentum of accomplishing your targeted top goal each day can help you move forward on more mundane tasks.

Getting unstuck may be difficult, but it can be done. Choose ONE of these five challenges and get moving. If that's not enough, just click on the video below for a bit of inspiration.

Dillon Burroughs
Dillon Burroughs
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