21 Years Of Success

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Accomplish More Than I Ever!

21 Years Of Success

I always thought that having success in something means you have to make money in something. I didn’t realize until my Junior year of college that I was so wrong. At the age of 19 I picked up the skill of writing poetry. Words just followed out of me. Next thing you know I had a whole book. I didn’t publish this book until this summer; nine months after I published my first book. I was scared that it wasn’t going to make me money. Even though I may had been right about that ...a part of me was still happy. Why? Because I realize most people my age don’t have Two books published! That’s what is success to me! Achieving a goal! My goal wasn’t to make money, but to see if I can achieve a dream of becoming a published author. I found a way how to achieve this dream. That within itself is success to me. The moral of the story is don’t look for success in money, instead look for success in what you have achieved!

At the age of 21 I have published two books: “Book of Poems: Living and Loving Yourself Through Life” and “Speaking Light into Darkness”. I will soon plan on giving you some more information onto how I became a published author and the purpose of writing these books in later posts.

The Best Way to Achieve a Goal

1) Don’t center it around money!

•You won’t enjoy the process of achieving your goal if it is centered around money. Goals base on money will cause you more stress and will make you unhappy very quickly.

2)Center your goal around something that is purposeful and meaningful!

•Don’t just do something because it’s a trend. Each goal need a purpose behind it. My purpose of publishing poetry books was to help inspire others. It’s hard to achieve a goal with no drive behind it.

3) Your goal have to involve something you love to do.

• I love to write poems! This made it so much either to achieve my goal of becoming an author. As someone who love to create achieving my goals was so much fun! Writing is my passion. Doing what you love to do make the journey to your goal so much enjoyable and less stressful.

4)Take Breaks.

•Even though I was doing what I loved to do ; I took several breaks. This prevented me from getting burnt out or bored with writing. Take a break from your goal everytime you get stress. Deep breathing during dose breaks dose help a lot. Rather it’s a 10 second break or a 15 minute break; you still need to take a break ! No matter how long the break is ...just take it!

5) Plan! Plan! Plan!

• We all plan our goals out at least once in our head! Yes planning is something I still struggle with. The reason being is because I don’t put my plan on paper nor in my cellphone notes. They just pop up in my head for a few seconds and then disappear. So it’s very important to plan on paper. Keep a planner and use the planner! Many people my age buy a planner and don’t use it. I found out when I do use my planner I am way less stress. Also you don’t have to just limit yourself to your plans. If you can do more do more!

6) The most important thing to achieve your goals is to believe in yourself!

•By believing in myself I wasn’t afraid to publish my poetry books. I was excited because I knew it was something that I could do. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and keep ourselves from reaching our full potential. Don’t be afraid of your dreams. Don’t say this goal is too big for you. If God gave you the vision, then it’s your job to see that vision through. Believe that you have the ability to achieve anything that you want to achieve!

So today I want you to write your goals down and say out loud I will achieve it!

Emily Binkley
Emily Binkley
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