15 Easy Ways to Better Yourself in the New Year

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Giving The "New Year, New You" Phrase a Whole New Meaning

15 Easy Ways to Better Yourself in the New Year

As 2017 nears its end, many are searching for different ways to change their lifestyle habits for a "better you." The dreaded New Year's resolutions are always created with good intentions, but alas around 95 percent never really live longer than maybe the first week of the new year. However, below is a compiled list of easy, simple changes that can be made to your life to improve your year—because its the simple things that count.

1. Start drinking warm water with cayenne pepper and lemon daily.

The cayenne pepper will jump start your metabolism while the lemon will encourage healthy digestion. Even include some maple sugar for some added sweetness and a natural sugar which gives you energy for your day.

2. Try to adopt a "meatless Monday" mentality.

Not only will this help decrease your chances of chronic diseases including cancer, obesity, and diabetes, but you will also reduce your carbon footprint by not supporting industries which rely heavily on fossil fuels. It's a win-win!

3. Take time out of your day to reflect.

There are so many creative ways to do this—free writing, purchasing a q/a daily journal, or even writing an interesting event that occurred during your day on a sticky-note and placing it in a jar. The possibilities are endless and it will help you stick to a regimen at the end of your day to help you rewind.

4. Create playlists for certain moods.

Music is the best mood-changer. Create a playlist with your favorite, upbeat tunes to turn a sour mood into a smile. Or, create a playlist with a good beat to get you up and moving to complete the task you've been putting off for weeks.

5. Go to bed at a consistent hour every night.

While this is tough, especially for the night owls, your body will thank you. Utilize the bedtime feature on your clock app for all of you iPhone users out there.

6. Drop loose change into a jar daily.

Who knows? Maybe you're saving for a trip to Hawaii and you don't even know it.

7. Read labels on everything.

From food to makeup, you always want to know what's in your favorite products. Even if its organic, it may have a ridiculously high sugar level or harmful chemicals you shouldn't put anywhere near your skin.

8. Embrace a new change every month.

Whether it be a new duvet cover or a new hairdo, change is ALWAYS good, even small.

9. Correct your posture.

Pretty much all of us are guilty of slouching (Sorry, Grandma!). But, if you constantly catch yourself sitting with poor posture, make an effort to correct it. You'll make it more and more of a priority if you stay on it.

10. Practice meditation.

Another great way to reflect on the passing day is meditation. YouTube can be a helpful tool for this, or even downloading the app Headspace can guide you through this process.

11. Follow a yearly reading plan.

The Internet is full of these ideas—attempting to read a book or two a month (or however your set plan may work) will stimulate the brain constantly and keep you off your electronics.

12. Floss daily.

You'll thank me later. So will your dentist.

13. Declutter your inbox.

No one likes to see the 30,239 emails from companies you haven't shopped at since 2008. Unsubscribe and be done with it.

14. Reach out to old friends.

It's the best feeling catching up with someone you genuinely enjoy talking to. So do it more often.

15. Dress every day like you're about the meet the love of your life.

You never know what will happen! But be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

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