100 Things That Bring You Joy

by Darin Leigh 7 months ago in happiness

If you're ever feeling down, this little practice can help.

100 Things That Bring You Joy

Hey friends! So the other day I was feeling kind of discouraged, and I decided to do this little exercise to bring my spirits up!

How it works is you write 100 things that you LOVE! Just as a simple list (though feel free to doodle on it as well)! You can make it more than 100 things too, no reason to stop yourself if you are on a roll! A nice way to go about it is to clear your mind and not think too hard about any one thing Just let your feelings flow. I found that it lifted my mood and also helped me feel a little more aligned with myself. I hope it works for you as well!

Here is my list of 100 things I love (in no particular order):

  1. My grandparents
  2. Close, real friends
  3. My partner
  4. My cats (and all furry friends)
  5. Hugs
  6. Early(ish) mornings before a road trip
  7. Gathering together
  8. Sharing a meal
  9. Deep talks that connect you
  10. Feeling safe, secure, seen, loved and understood
  11. Feeling a sense of purpose
  12. Making people happy (including myself!)
  13. Positive, light, fun energy
  14. Laughter
  15. Letting go of trauma
  16. Meeting new dogs
  17. Looking into each other's eyes
  18. Coffee
  19. Good company
  20. Belonging
  21. Creative collaboration
  22. Being received positively
  23. Singing
  24. Dancing like nobody's watching
  25. Doing cartwheels
  26. Exploring outside
  27. Regaining childhood wonderment
  28. Having a big and open heart
  29. Being kind to each other
  30. Making space and listening
  31. Dreaming big
  32. Thinking about seeing all the wonders of the world
  33. Family who has been kind to me
  34. Nature
  35. Expansive landscapes
  36. When plants grow out of the cracks in concrete in resistance
  37. Beaches off the highway connecting my two homes
  38. Cities with trees
  39. All the good possibilities
  40. Holding people in my heart wherever I go
  41. Candy
  42. Looking at the stars with someone I love
  43. Not holding myself back
  44. Feeling like something makes sense
  45. Accomplishment
  46. Cuddling
  47. Long walks
  48. Snow
  49. Fruit
  50. Food in general
  51. Fuzzy blankets
  52. Small parties with close friends
  53. Plants
  54. Running (for a short time)
  55. Scented candles
  56. Holding hands
  57. Books
  58. Libraries
  59. Comfort
  60. Stress relief
  61. Creating sustainably
  62. Waste reduction
  63. Helping people
  64. Tasty vegan food
  65. ...But also eggs and cheese (oops)
  66. Contentment
  67. Working through my feelings with someone who cares
  68. Ice cream
  69. Dates with best friends
  70. Crystals
  71. Astrology
  72. Gardens
  73. Spoiling people with affection
  74. Listening
  75. Being a shoulder to lean on
  76. Colorful pens
  77. Colorful anything
  78. Different styles of handwriting
  79. Personal, handwritten notes
  80. Pasta
  81. Rivers
  82. Knitting
  83. Being part of a publication
  84. Meeting inspiring people
  85. Good memories
  86. Flying kites
  87. Good dreams
  88. Squishy and fluffy stuff
  89. Cooking
  90. Organization
  91. Waterfalls
  92. Noticing little details in nature
  93. Supporting each other
  94. Getting things done
  95. Being warm
  96. Education when it's done right
  97. Heart-to-hearts
  98. Butterflies
  99. Forgiveness
  100. Love itself

So, there you have it! Some of those were definitely repetitive, but that's okay. Just write whatever you feel! It can also be interesting to do more than one at different times and see what new things pop up for you. Have a good time with it, and feel free to share your own list in a post!


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