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Emotional Story Of Old Beggar

Beggar Of story

By Sophia LovePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Emotional Story Of Old Beggar
Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

Unique story of an old beggar. Short Emotional Story

A beggar used to come to the door every day and beg. And the owner of the house would always look at him as soon as he came out of the house and sometimes would even abuse him. He says why are you alive? Will he beg like this for the rest of his life? Why has he become a burden on the earth? And sometimes he would even push that beggar in anger.

Despite all this, the only thing that came out of the officer's mouth was that God forgive your sins!

Once Seth got the news of a big loss in his business. Seth was very upset when suddenly the same beggar came to his door. Losing his temper in anger, Seth threw a stone at the beggar. Due to the stone being hit, the beggar's head broke and blood started flowing from his head. Still, groaning in pain, the beggar just said, May God forgive your father!

The beggar left from there. Seth got lost in thought and threw a stone at the beggar, yet he just prayed. Seth's anger subsided. The lion's mind became calm to know the secret of Bikhari. Seth started following the beggar. Wherever the beggar went, Seth followed him. He saw that someone would give him food, someone would beat him, someone would insult him and someone would abuse him. No matter how people treated the beggar, the beggar prayed only for everyone, "May God forgive your sins!"

Now the night had come. The beggar returned to his home, he reached his home. But Seth was still following him! An old woman was lying on an old broken cot. She looked very weak and sick. She was the beggar's wife. Seeing her husband coming back, she stood up from the cot.

The wife looked at her husband's begging bowl and there was only half stale bread in it! Looking at him she said, is that all you got today? And yes, blood is coming out of your head. How did you get this injury?

The old beggar said, today I got only this much and no one gave anything. Everyone abused me and throwing a new stone also made my head hurt.

Taking a deep cold breath the old beggar said again - This is the result of my sins. You remember.. how rich we were a few years ago! Didn't we have anything? We had everything in excess but we never donated! And worse than that we did to the blind beggar who used to come to our door to beg. The old wife had tears in her eyes. She said - Yes, we used to do very bad things to that poor blind man. Used to insult him. They would have given him paper instead of bread to eat! They would make fun of him and sometimes even hit him!

I never showed him the way, once I even threw mud on his face and he always used to say sadly that God will punish you for your actions. God will definitely punish you for your sins. His curse came true and we came to this sad life! The beggar said - Yes, his curse came true, that is why I do not curse anyone. No matter how someone treats me, I always pray for them! I don't want anyone to experience life like we did. Anyone who has to face the same sorrows as us! They don't know how big a sin they are committing, that's why I don't want anyone to get such punishment for the sin committed unknowingly. Seth was listening to all these things hiding there, now he had understood everything. The beggar and his wife divided half the bread and ate it and thanked God and went to sleep.

The next day, the big beggar again went to beg near the Seth's house. While giving him the already warm roti or roti that was kept for him, the Seth politely said, "Forgive me Baba, he made a big mistake." The old beggar said. Saying, God bless you, he moved ahead.


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