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Weird Facts About Testosterone in Men

High Testosterone VS Low Testosterone

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Weird Facts About Testosterone in Men
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It is the hormone that makes men, well, men. For sake of masculinity or otherwise, it has a hold on the day to day living of human beings, from mood to financial decisions. In this article, we’re going to enter the world of testosterone, to discover the surprising and eye-opening thing it does to our behavior.

Testosterone, an anabolic steroid hormone, is mostly synthesized in the testicles and, to a lesser extent, in the ovaries. It is the responsible factor of the whole development of male characteristics at puberty and also play crucial role in many different bodily functions such as sex drive, muscle mass, and bone density.

The low testosterones, which is also commonly referred to as low T levels, can have debilitating effects on men’s overall wellbeing. Apart from the sexual functions, low testosterone can also result in weight gain, depression and even osteoporosis. Decline of testosterone synthesis may be a result of the combination of aging, myriad of injuries, and chronic health disorders.

While on the surface, it may seem that the one with the highest T-level becomes an “alpha male,” the fact is that too much testosterone is usually an indicator of something more serious, for example, adrenal gland disease or testicular cancer. Furthermore, it can cause such complications as acne, hypertension, and dysfunction of the immune system.

Testosterone being aggressive is a complex issue that sometimes people do not understand. There is both evidence that testosterone is related to aggression and evidence to the counter. Cortisol levels and personal traits like impulsiveness are the main factors that determine the way testosterone affects a person's behavior.

The research shows a mysterious trick of testosterone levels on financial decisions, just as a libretto can be made up of the trick of a composer's music. Traders, who get higher testosterone levels, a) will likely do more things risky and will make more money, but excessive testosterone can lead to an irrational decision-making and the unstable market. Besides, narcissism seems to be the factor that affects the testosterone-risks correlation.

High testosterone levels are indeed connected with a greater sense of self-centeredness, and such behavior is unfavorable to social people. Increased testosterone in men is associated with not being willing to share natural resources with other people and they have also more potential to punish individuals whom they think have transgressed others. Besides, testosterone can also trigger the urge for revenge, which can result in violent reactions to the things that are considered to be unfair.

Diet and exercise can very well trickle into the testosterone level. Sentence structure is quite tough but it could start with the phrase: Intensely physical activity does not permanently lower the testosterone levels, but squats and deadlifts will raise its production. Moreover, habits of a healthy lifestyle, such as enough sleep and stress management, are important factors in the maintenance of healthy testosterone levels.

The research into the testosterone methods is rich in experiments who are sometimes controversial but some of them bring the medicine forward dramatically. From roosters castrated early in their lives to hormonal replacement mentally, scientists have travelled a long story in the learning process on testosterone in human physiology.

Testosterone impacts on the romantic relationships and courtship behavior. Men in committed relationships produce testosterone at lower levels, in comparison to men not in relationships. On the other hand, testosterone levels are seen to increase in women when in love. Furthermore, testosterone governs competitive, male-seeking behavior not only in men but in animals as well.

The levels of testosterone can affect the metabolism and general health of a person. It is no more a magic wand despite its promising effects for elderly gentlemen, testosterone replacement therapy. The mentally stimulating and physically active lifestyle including suitable diet and exercise forms major basis for staying at the top-notch testosterone levels and in general state of health.

The testosterone hormone affects the body not only physiologically but also neuropsychologically (mood, behavior, social interaction). The research has shown that the decreased testosterone level is linked to the increased empathy and prosocial behavior which in turn contradicts the traditional view of masculinity and aggression.

To sum up this topic, testosterone is not only a hormone, but a very complex command system as far as human behavior and physiology are concerned. It is its role in these processes, namely, aggression, financial decision-making and health as well as relationships that continues to fascinate researchers and define the nature of people.

As we unravel the mysteries of testosterone, one thing remains clear: the impacts are not straightforward and context-specific, therefore, it is necessary to have a whole view on the research and clinical practice. Through addressing the complexity in hormones and behavior formation within the society, we will be able to develop further insights about the true essence of being a male.

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