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What is the most cringeworthy thing you have seen at a wedding ceremony?

The cringeworthy thing you have seen at a wedding ceremony

By Datchana EPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
What is the most cringeworthy thing you have seen at a wedding ceremony?
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What is the most cringeworthy thing you have seen at a wedding ceremony

Wedding ceremony ideas

Before I start this article, this is I got the idea from quora that some random people asked about cringe-worthy things you ever had in the at a wedding ceremony. The time I saw the title laughed at myself, but after I read some of the answers it made me this topic is important to share with my audience. So I wrote about 8 cringe-worthy wedding ceremonies I see in my life.

This article might be more interesting 8 stories half different wedding ceremonies. You're gonna love these stories. And finally, you can share your own story in the comment section.

Before you read the top 8 list, I want to explain things to you. The first thing is fringe is not the wrong word, when people do abnormal things, if it feels awkward are embarrassing to other surrounding people it is called a cringe moment.

This top list is not I am ranked in order just I am sharing some wedding ceremony stories. It is not properly ordered on top , also I used this story's characters' names it's all my imaginary names, but the story is a true story. Just I want to share some interesting ceremony memories in Hindi films maybe it make you laugh, I am happy with that.

Here is the Top list

1. Sam and Ram's wedding story

Sam is Female

Ram is male

On that day almost wedding time is near, and within 30 minutes engagement gets complete. But for 30 minutes sam's friends tried to wish surprise gift. So Sam's friends discuss we want to give some unique gifts for wedding women. That gift might be a lifelong gift also never forget the table gift in her life. So the five friends have different five ideas to gift Sam at the wedding ceremony.

The five friends have presented with a bicycle for wedding women. But that bicycle is not for an adult grown woman, it is a children's bicycle. The five friends thought this bicycle one day help them to learn cycling for their upcoming children. Also, this cycle uses more than 10 years until your baby can go and come hair kindergarten and schooling in this cycle.

Everybody presents gifts for the wedding women and men, but these five friends are advanced thinkers. So they presented for future child and she wants to go school and come to school in safe cycling.

The difference in taking your photo with that small cycle with wedding men and women. Every time I see that photo I laugh myself.

Advanced thinking is not wrong but if you go to a wedding marriage, you want to gifts to married couples. not for the future children of the couple.

By Drew Coffman on Unsplash

The second story is a little short

Again the male character is ram from the female is Sam.

This time wadding is over, ram and Sam got engaged soda changed the wedding rings. Everything went very smoothly, with friends and families taking photos together. Suddenly Ram was shocked because Ram's ex-girlfriend arrived at his wedding. And she asked I want to take a photograph with you and your wife.

Ram yes of course why not, but his face looks very dull I am so uncomfortable. she shook hands with Ram, then I want to give you an unforgettable gift in your life. Ram asked what is that? Suddenly kissed ram and she says in I want to take another photo with our baby. Everybody was shocked at the waiting moment. Under the newly wedding woman Sam slapped ram and remove the wedding ring given to Ram's Ex. And she said you are the right couple for this wedding celebration.

What is the most cringeworthy thing you have seen at a wedding ceremony

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How to plan a wedding ceremony

First, we want to take a count about how many peoples are in your home, then take a list count. Then mention the people from age-wise. After printing the wedding invention for friends and relatives. With the help of family and friends give the wedding invitation to everybody. Finally, arrange the marriage hall then get to ready change the rings, with the wishes of family and friends start your wedding ceremony. Just go to marriage then give the gift to couples take a photo then wish to best life forever. After few day couples go to honeymoon like best stories forsaying their children . Mostly couples choose the honeymoon sport in cold place or best rriest sport.

What happens at a wedding ceremony

There is no complicated thinks happens at a wedding ceremony just a men and woman married with friends' and relatives wishes and absolutely god wishes too. Then they change the wedding ring or as based on their culture. Some times people interested in register marriage ,but register marriage is just the proof for couples got married based on government law it have people proof. Best wedding culture is love or arrange marrage.

How long is a wedding ceremony

Minimum 1 hr to 5 hrs maximum people spend time for wedding ceremony everybody share their gifts. People want to take wedding sweets and foods.

How long does a wedding ceremony last

In My friend's marriage, I visit 1hrs before starting the function with some gifts. But the marriage function starts after 1hrs they mention the invitation time, so we want to prepare the wedding at the proper time. Small wedding ceremony is just a sime and budget vise short time marriage function but to mention the deceased parent in the wedding are particular limits and conditions.

What time should a wedding ceremony start

There is not any particular time for wedding ceremony start, different country have different culture to start the wedding. For a example indians have a separate time for start wedding ceremony and other country people have various time for start the wedding . Wedding culture is totally different the wedding men and women and friends and relatives when wish to start the wedding then wedding was started.

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