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Full Guide: what is marriage about in the bible

What is marriage about in the bible

By Datchana EPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
Full Guide: what is marriage about in the bible
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Full Guide: what is marriage about in the bible

What is marriage about and How the life after marriage

What is love

Where and waiting is none other than two couples in a relationship under gov rules and regulations. Marriage is differentiated by many cultures' rules and regulations the main motto of marriage yeah the boy and girls are the main women starting their life together with the wishes of their parents.

Future culture marriage is divided into culture-based and situation based. People engaging buy online dating hot living together some digital relationships are all trending nowadays before couples get into marriage.

How the life after marriage

I have a lot of dreams about marriage bhoj men and women when they get mature age they see a lot of movies and series set in a particular age net dream about their future life partner compared to d movie actors and hot series actresses they have some expectations her boyfriend or girlfriend want to earn good amount of money and spend a lot of time with her. And good-looking men have some talent and want to look kike physically fit. Disorder common expectation how girls looking for a good man.

Some girls have a different opinion about men you don't look charming but he is a good-hearted person, hi so you don't have a lot of money but I have your own house and a good amount of bank balance and also Responsibility in savings. Most of the expectations are based on girls. Because boys don't care about what she looks like har how they behave as a future fiance. Most men look for a creative wife who takes care of the whole family and children.

But we know expectations are often reality. There is a kind of marriage all over the world. One is love marriage second is arranged marriage and the third is love in a relationship.

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Love marriages

The love marriages everybody knows a boy and girl are interested in together and they propose and get dated if everything goes well they consider to be a loving couple.

Arrange marriage is old traditional culture not many people trust an arranged marriage because arranged marriage both boy's and a girl's family decided to wait for marriage. Most arranged marriages are based on traditional culture and they get married in front of their god are there religion based marriage couples. People face a lot of problems after getting into an arranged marriage because when a man or woman is coming tied to the mature stage their parents choose than women's life partner marriage is simply known as a parents' chosen couple.

But not every arranged marriage is getting to divorce. Some arranged marriage is makeup look like made for each other. They think god chose couples so love marriage or arrange marriage good understanding is important forever healthy life and to be used getting strong relationship couples.

And the 3rd category is love and arrange marriage. In this type of category couples both have previous experience in marriage. The men previously have experienced with married the couples have some standing then they get divorced, and me looking for second marriage the mean parents choose the woman to get second marriage this kind of marriage is called love and relationship.

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This is a very rare category of marriages that happen like this some people don't take this kind of marriage solution. Because they believe in their tradition the tradition is based on if a girl lives once or only once time got married. If the mean woman suddenly dead after married never do a second marriage that is based on their culture. I am not mentioning any particular culture but some people don't consider a second life partner in their life.

Now you can understand what is marriage and what types of marriage people get into in relationships all over the world. In different countries, people have different marriages.

Hare a list of some countries and their traditional way of marriage

Here is a list of some countries and their traditional ways of marriage.

What is traditional marriage?

Some countries permit this type of marriage, while others prohibit it. Following tradition is not only the right thing to do because they follow their culture and tradition. People want to respect the tradition to married someone.


India follows the tradition of marrying a man and woman, to live a long life for their parent's blessings every man and woman in India is flowing their traditional way of marriage. There are many religions, gods, and temples in India. so they follow their tradition of marrying with their parent's guidance.

South Korea

Korean peoples respect the culture and traditional marriage. Their movies are also based on some cultures peoples want to live in koria, based on long-time culture respect.


Above 22 year men and women is eligible for marriage in china. importer they most belive front of god marriage. men and women couples trust in god so they also some guidance for marriage.

Bangladesh and Japan

Finally Bangladesh people and Japanese people

Both country's marriage rules are pretty same, rules and laws are very strict for married men and women. Paries is a freedom country in the world many people visit parties for, their natural beauty and cultural respect.

Japan's marriage rules are men must have a permanent job and a good salary to marry a woman. at least 18 years is the minimum for eligibility for marriage. Culture following is good for couples live long time happy and positive .the married men take care their family for long time. if ant forien wants to married a japan girl they must falow the japanise rules and regulations .After marrage the couple must have a visa to live the japan culture. Court rules is different both bangledash and japan so law and rules is checkable in married culture. The Full Guide: what is marriage about in the bible is end here.

Married is not a easy for every country because everybody have their own traditional belive. Respect the common law marriage states before getting into relationship.

Full Guide: what is marriage about in the bible


How the life after marriage

common law marriage states

what is biblical marriage

Now you understand the what is marriage about in the bible.

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