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6 Mandap Décor Ideas With Flower That Will Blow Your Mind!

Wedding Flower Decoration

By Jackson WilliamPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Every bride and groom dreams of having a perfect and lavish wedding. From choosing the right venue to ordering the wedding outfits, couples want everything to be perfect.

Indian wedding decorations fill energy in the wedding venue, giving a rich and vibrant. The first thing every guest who comes to your wedding notice is your wedding decoration. Mandap décor is the center of attraction at every Indian wedding. You can ask your wedding planner to decorate your mandap with trendy flowers like roses, hydrangea, gardenia, calla lily, orchid, tulip, and so many.

Decorating your wedding mandap with flowers will enhance its look and will wow your guests for sure. Want some mandap décor ideas with flowers? Hire a wedding planner that helps you suggesting wedding flower decoration ideas, venue, best wedding outfit, catering and much more under your budget.

Tent Style Mandap with Floral Chandeliers

Tent style mandap decoration with massive floral chandeliers, sofas, and lush green backdrop will enhance the beauty of mandap and make your guests impressed. You can even decorate with tuberose or periwinkle flowers. These mandap décor ideas with flowers can make breathtaking decorations.

Lotus –shaped Mandap

Decoration of your stage or mandap with the lovely lotus buds and blooms look pretty, making it the perfect place for exchanging varmalas and wedding vows to each other. Using lotus for your mandap décor will add the perfect regal touch to your wedding and wow your guest.

Dome-shaped Floral Mandap

When the couples are ready to exchange the wedding vows, they just need the perfect place to exchange the vows. Nothing is better place than an antique dome-shaped floral mandap decorated with white and pink roses. Are you looking for a dome-shaped mandap decorated with white floral, pink backdrop, and white sofas? Hire a flower decorator who will create the dome-shaped floral mandap for your big day, making a unique and royal wedding look décor.

Fill with Red Roses

Decorate the mandap with the colour of love i.e. red roses. Decorating your wedding stage or mandap with red roses is the best and most classic way to give a royal and lavish look. You can use a golden backdrop, glittery light, candles, red drapes, golden sofas, to give a royal touch and making the mandap look so luxurious.

Minimalistic Look with Pink and Pastel Flowers

Some couples choose a minimalistic look for their mandap decoration. You can go for white and peach floral wedding mandap decoration as this décor set is perfect for couples who love all things simple, rustic and subtle. You can enhance the stage look by adding white seating, few candles, and white backdrops. If you really want to have a magical and fairy-tale wedding decoration then this classic theme wedding stage decoration is the best to choose.

Genda Phool Mandap Décor

The dome of mandap decorated with clusters of marigold flowers and yellow drapes will create a majestic look. You can go with the simplest floral decoration ideas like creating a backdrop with bright yellow marigolds and some green leaves to give the mandap décor an extra eco-friendly touch. Marigold or Genda phool is a most popular and inexpensive flower, used in Indian weddings. You can use different shades of marigold such as orange, golden, or yellow and brings positive vibes to your wedding.


Flowers are used everywhere right from wedding decorations to bridal makeup. Flowers give elegant look and spread the glamour of purity everywhere. Some common and most widely used flowers for wedding or mandap decorations are marigold, daisy, roses, orchid, tulip, white lilies, gerbera and so on. Contact a flower decorator who is experts in choosing the best flowers for wedding flower decoration.

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