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By ROCKY KARIPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Part 1: The Meeting

New York City being the busiest spot and glamorous with great tall buildings and determination to reach some places on time, souls of two human beings intersected in the most unusual manner. It was the fall season, and Emily, a talented designer, got lost in thought while she walked through Central parkway as she sought for the inspiration for her newest work. But as a contrast to this, Lucas, a handsome guy with the ability to play a musical sheet, was strumming his guitar on an oak tree whilst performing his songs wholeheartedly.

When the knees was of Emily, with the mesmerizing music, ran towards the spot where she met Lucas. Their eyes locked, and the communication implicit in this instant, unmistakable connection rendered both of them powerless to do anything but recognize it. Conversations started and faces lit up with a smile as tales were shared, the frosty world seemed to have taken hold of time, surrounding them with nothing save the background chatter everywhere.

Before leaving, Lucas did picked this one red rose from a row of flowers and gave it to Emily. This act sealed their bond and Emily felt her heart beating wildly in her chest. In the blink of an eye, they had no idea that the happening of this encounter was the prelude of a love story. This story would go beyond the passage of time and distance.

Part 2: Suddenly, suddenly, love happens...

Since the past weeks, Emily and Lucas seem to have become one with each other, almost as if they were magnets - as inseparable, as unresistible in their irresistible romance. They spent hundreds of hours hanging out together in a different kinds of places from bakeries to parks, any moment spent brought them closer.

The revelation of their hopes, wishes and concerns to each other led to a unique intimacy that caused Emily and Lucas to feel very much connected and comfortable. Every day their mutual affection was growing and was becoming so strong as if the petals of a most beautiful rose was blooming in front of them bringing the warm and happy feeling to their hearts.

Keith Emily and Lucas observed their differences in political affiliation and profession, but the window of Emily and Lucas encountered peacefulness, which helped them escape from the tumult of the world. What towed them through the darkness was their love, which was the light that guided their way throughout their life with faithful endurance.

Part 3: Difficulties, as well as the Facts and the Pros.

Thus, just like their love, the problems they were facing increased. The amount of time that Emily had to spend on her job at the office frequently did not leave her much time for emotions. While he was trying hard to find a balance between music he loved and the harsh reality of earning a living in the city, Lucas was discovering his artistic identity.

The perfect relationship of theirs grew tough when they learned to deal with miscommunication, inner fears and other people's concerns. However, the two never lost their grip on each other in the course of the ordeals they confronted and they ended up by mutual strengthening of love in their hearts overcoming ever reaching barrier.

The shared experience of surviving the tempests, added to the individual growth of both Emily and Lucas, as well as the development of the partnership between them, since this made them learn to communicate more openly, compromise and support each other through thick and thin. This love became a driving force, ushering them through even the toughest of battles.

Part 4: And so it came to pass: Happily Ever After.

In spite of the struggles they met, Emily and Lucas, through time, arose from that stronger and in love more than ever. They were inextricably linked by unshakable aspiration and unfathomable desire to obtain their dreams and assisted each other in every stage of the journey.

With each passing moment, this love of theirs was becoming stronger and more intimate, breaking all the barriers of the space and the time. Finally, on a sunny spring morning, right there under the oak tree they had first met, Lucas got down right on one knee and asked Emily to be his for life.

Her tears of joy flowing uncheckedly down her cheeks, Emily said yes, and the kiss sealed their love with a mutual promise to love each other forever and ever. And as they embraced, encompassed by the gentle lull of Lucas's guitar, they knew that their love story had just started, as it was to last them through more than just a lifetime.

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