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10 Signs Your Wedding Will Be a Disaster

Everyone hopes their wedding day will be a day to remember, but if you notice any of these warning signs, it might be because your wedding will be a disaster.

By Riley Raul ReesePublished 5 years ago 5 min read
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There’s nothing better than a beautifully put-together wedding. The bride looks beautiful, the groom looks handsome, and everything is done picture-perfect. It’s a lasting tribute to love and how important it is to everyone around. A perfect wedding is something most girls dream of, which is why shows like Say Yes to the Dress exist.

However, for every Bachelorette-style dream wedding, there will be a wedding worthy of Bridezillas. These are the weddings that will go down in infamy as totally horrendous nightmares.

Thankfully, these weddings can be prepared for—and spotted—miles away. Worried about your own dream wedding? Here are some signs your wedding will be a disaster if you don’t change course.

Someone has already hijacked wedding planning from you.

Oof! This is never a good sign, especially if you're already beginning to feel like you have to fight someone in order to get your wedding to be done your way. Your wedding is your big day, so why are you letting others take that from you?

If it's your mother-in-law, you might start wondering what made you decide to marry into the family. If it's your own parents, you might end up wondering why you were born into them. If it's the wedding planner, well, you might be wondering why Yelp lied to you.

Either way, this is the time to put your foot down. Otherwise, your wedding will be a disaster—and your marriage might be, too.

The bridesmaids are at each other's throats.

If you have a group of people in the wedding party that loves to drink Haterade, then you definitely already have a problem. There's only so much drama that can happen at a wedding before it goes south, and if alcohol is involved, it can get ugly.

If you have one problem bridesmaid in particular, it may be time to cut down your guest list. Your wedding might turn into a Jerry Springer episode otherwise.

Ouch, just ouch!

There's nothing quite as hurtful or disheartening as hearing people trash your relationship, your wedding, or you while you're trying to keep your chin up. It feels like a serious betrayal, and all you wish people would do is just be happy for you.

You will end up crying your eyes out and may even contemplate punching some people in the throat when this happens. (I ought to know, it happened to me when I announced I was getting married.)

Sadly, this means that you need to cut some guests off your wedding list and also your life. If they can't even be happy for you, then why are they near you? Your wedding will be a disaster if you invite them.

You honestly can't afford what you want, but you're pressuring people to pay up.

Yes, we all wish we could be as rich as Kim Kardashian for a day, but that doesn't mean that others are obliged to pony up the money. You will not be able to convince people that dropping $600 on your wedding day is a good idea.

If anything, most people will start thinking of you as a Bridezilla, and will refuse to pay the fees you're charging. Despite whatever, potentially, expensive and disastrous wedding plans you may have in store, if your wedding will only be partially funded and partially attended, your wedding will assuredly be mayhem.

You or your spouse has a serious drinking problem.

We all tend to laugh when we hear about drunk brides or drunk grooms, but there's always an undertone discomfort there. People start talking and asking why the married couple has to be so wasted in order to deal with their wedding day.

Drinking too much on your wedding day is never a good thing. In fact, it's an easy way to start an argument or make a nightmarishly awkward statement. Clean yourself up, and clean your spouse up. Otherwise, your wedding will be a disaster.

The wedding's guests have no sense of decorum, or are likely to be inappropriately dressed.

Weddings are one of the very, very few places where people will still go by old school manners and decorum. They are reverent like that, and to a point, that's what makes them so charming.

However, once in a blue moon, you'll have people who are prone to being unaware of manners, proper attire, or really anything else classy. If you invite them, you may have to pull them aside and explain things to them. If they're going to refuse to listen, you may need to bar them entry.

People need to handle themselves at a wedding, and they need to see that act as an act of respect towards you. Otherwise, your wedding will be a disaster.

You've already had a million mishaps when it comes to planning, and half of them still aren't hammered out.

Nothing quite says a disaster wedding like finding out that half of your plans are going to fall apart on the day of the bash. That boiling rage you feel towards your wedding planner or the venue? Yeah, that might be a bad omen.

At this point, it may be best to stop caring about the decor and other gear. Just worry about the venue, the food, and the booze, and you'll be good to go.

If you're honest, you really, truly, dread getting married.

Do you find yourself having a sinking feeling every time you hear the wedding planner talk about how you're going to be with this guy forever? Does the wedding march sound more like taps to you?

While this may not be a sign your wedding will be a disaster, it's often a really good sign that your marriage will be. Are you sure you want to go through with this? This is a bad sign, and you could avoid contacting divorce lawyers if you walk away.

You went full bridezilla, or started to plan behind your partner's back.

Most wedding planners will tell you that a person who goes into bridezilla mode isn't a person who should be married. A person who has to plan behind their partner's back is also someone who shouldn't be married.

Marriage is a partnership. If it's already turning into "me, me, me," your wedding, and marriage, are experiencing signs you need to call off the wedding already.

People are refusing to listen to the policies you have in place.

The quality of your guests will be the best indicator of whether your wedding will be a failure or a perfect day. That's why you should be choosy with your guests, and why you need to be crystal-clear about what the rules are.

The only guests you should really welcome are the ones who follow the rules. You should be ready to bar guests entry if they refuse to abide by the rules you set. If they argue, let security bar them entry.

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