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10 Wedding Planning Ideas That Can Turn into Disasters

From releasing doves to outdoor weddings, these wedding planning ideas might be the ones to avoid.

By Cato ConroyPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Planning your wedding is a wonderful journey that will help you express your love for your significant other. In the past, wedding planning was simple. You baked a cake, got a venue, booked a priest, and you were good to go.

In the age of Pinterest, though, a cake and a venue isn't enough. It seems like there are wedding planning ideas being invented every single day, and every single one seems to be mandatory.

A wedding is now a seriously involved party to plan. There has to be corsages, flower arrangements, specialty-made centerpieces, and ceremonies that don't necessarily totally make sense.

Having a stylish wedding is everyone's dream, but sometimes, the ideas that you might see are a bit risky. If you want to try any of these options, be careful. They can turn your Big Bash into a big bust.

Ah, what could be better than to say "I do" while being surrounded by nature? The birds chirping, the gentle breeze, the gorgeous flowers sitting around you... It's paradise, right?

All things considered, an outdoor wedding is easily one of the most common wedding planning ideas you'll see—not to mention one of the most affordable in most cases. In many situations, this can turn out to be a great way to keep things budget-friendly.

The problem with outdoor weddings is that Mother Nature might not have the same plans as you do. Depending on what the weather is, you might overheat or find yourself in the middle of an ugly storm. While rain on your wedding day is considered to be good luck, it's not something that's terribly fun if you're exchanging vows outside.

Open bars are a wonderful way to ensure that your guests cut loose, but let's just face it, they can be pretty pricey—especially when you are footing the bill for hundreds of people. That alone isn't the biggest issue, though.

The biggest issue is the guests having a little bit too much alcohol. While most people can handle their liquor, not all can. Every family has that one uncle or aunt that never quite understands that enough is enough.

Destination weddings can be a wonderful way to take a trip to a foreign country, see some new sights, and also celebrate a union in style. The problem with destination weddings is pretty obvious: the price and the planning involved.

Unless you're cool with having people complain about how hard it was to get to Timbuktu or deal with cutting your guest list in half so you can get married in the Turks and Caicos Islands, you need to rethink destination weddings. They're an option best left for the super rich.

This is a relatively new trend in the wedding planning world that has made headlines due to the sheer lack of taste that's associated with it. This trend involves forcing guests to pay for their own food and seating, along with a mandatory gift.

Many couples end up finding themselves in an awkward position, because they often use this wedding style as a reason to extort friends and family. Others who simply can't afford a fancy wedding might find themselves losing friends as a result of friends being unable to attend the wedding.

Who doesn't like the idea of being driven in to your own wedding via a horse-drawn carriage? It's as close to having your own Disney movie scene in real life. Most of the time, it's actually a pretty fun wedding planning idea—especially if you get a good carriage company.

Much like with holding an outdoor wedding, the problem with horse-drawn carriages are found in nature. Simply put, horses can fall. They can start bucking. They can urinate or have projectile diarrhea. Horse-drawn carriages can be a magical experience, or they can totally ruin your big day well before you even start to walk down the aisle.

We all have that one person who will most likely cause a scene at our wedding, but has to get an invitation "because they're family." Or, maybe it's not a family member, but a friend who just doesn't get that telling that weird story about the Vegas stripper might not be a good wedding speech. You know that person, right?

You can rest assured knowing that these are people you shouldn't feel forced to invite to your wedding. A common wedding planning mistake is to invite them. Sure, it might work out well, but in most cases, it doesn't.

Catering is often one of the priciest parts of a wedding, which is why many new couples planning a wedding on a budget are starting to take food into their own hands once more. Obviously, this requires having a couple that's capable of cooking, and that alone tends to be an issue that makes it sketchy.

The hardest part of making your own wedding food isn't just the potential of picky eaters; it's food safety and timing. You have to walk down the aisle! You won't have time to entertain guests and cook for them at the same time, will you?

Well, maybe with a small wedding and careful planning. Even so, it's not necessarily a risk worth taking.

Wedding dresses are one of those clothing items that never seem to be perfect, right? Well, some are a bit less perfect than others if you think about it. A good example of this would be wedding dresses with a long train.

Long trains on the end of the dresses may seem romantic in that classically glamorous, Victorian way, but let's be real—they're impractical as heck. Nobody wants to have to carry your dress's train, and everyone will probably step on it.

If you're really unlucky, your train may pull part of your dress off. Awkward, much?

Do you want to have people hate you? Do you want to show all the maturity of a pissed off 16-year-old from MTV's My Super Sweet 16? Do you want actual attendees to be appalled by your behavior on a grand scale?

We imagine that the people who started this trend wanted to accomplish this. Because this is how you accomplish getting people to hate you via cringe-worthy wedding behavior.

Live animals and weddings may seem like they mix, but they often don't. Even something like butterflies can cause chaos if not released in a good area, or if they end up accidentally dying en route to your big day.

The larger the animal, the worse the chaos usually is. Butterflies may end up getting disoriented or crushed during the ceremony. Live doves may end up flying and hitting people, or pooping on the bride. Anything larger, and your guests may be scared of them.

Additionally, it is pretty cruel to release animals into the wild if they're not even close to where they are actually supposed to live. Maybe try a different type of symbolism?

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