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Your Wealth & Building Energetic Shields

by Outer Inner Space about a year ago in meditation

Building energetic shields is not taught in schools but it should be exposed to children.

Your Wealth & Building Energetic Shields
Artist's interpretation

The concept is you create a shield around yourself and other people's/ place's influence/energy just can’t permeate, so you essentially walk through unscathed, unaffected.

Sidenote: This is also great for people who experience anxiety-like symptoms.

The idea here though, is that you build these shields around the abundance seeds that you’re planting, so they don’t get wiped out by waves of self-doubt and/or disbelief.

Have an idea,

Set it in motion

Let it evolve on its own

Protect it

With practice, the energetic shields grow strong enough that they overlap, creating this environment of abundance around you [this deep knowing] without the physical form even needing to have manifest yet.

Imagine this space with oscillating projections of all the experiences you want

Building in the energetic realm first.

How would this be applied?

One example: that stock you invested in? Being pensive about its success is undermining your decision to buy/sell.

Trust the vision you had was one of the future. Make an intention as you purchase/sell and see it through to the end success before you make the buy/sell order (Know when you’re fooling yourself, though).

Another example is to use energetic shielding to build/create space around existing financial stresses.

This is for 2 reasons:

1. So ideas for an actual solution can enter. [When you use your energy this way, you’re essentially priming your vessel into this ‘receptive’ if somewhat neutral state. It’s in this state you reduce the risk of finding ‘solutions’ which are on the same vibration as the one which got you into the stress state in the first place.]

2. Because if you are stressed, you—right now—need to know that feeling calmer in this moment, as you’re reading this, is how to begin to turn things around.

Give yourself a break. You don’t need to hold all the tension of it all every second of the day—it’s not good for you.

There’s a solution; direct energy on finding a solution which makes you breathe a sigh of relief. It exists, you just need to open to the potential.

One final example of energetic shielding for abundance would be just giving your business a longer/different term to flourish (or redefining what flourishing means), and resisting the temptation to measure the progress in smaller, say, daily, increments).

[side note: Also, make sure to specify what it is you actually want. When you haven’t defined what success is to you, you will spend lots of money on things you don’t need.]

How to energetically shield?

Be still

Imagine yourself pushing energy out towards a perimeter around you with the energy source being the core of your spine.

Breathe full, deep breaths. Deep, deep ones.

Feel your body tingle/sensation.

Feel your ribs expand.

Let your energy adjust.

Concentrate on pushing out waves of energy a few feet around you, and keep breathing deep breaths.

Notice the nuances as you do.

Allow yourself to really experience the sensation.

Be open to sparks of brilliance.

When you’re in one of these zones, once you’ve enjoyed the marvel of actually energetically creating a calm state for yourself, ask yourself some good questions, i.e.:

  • What do I need to believe for this (my abundance) to actually be fruitful?
  • What would I be doing right now if I were getting these wins?
  • What would my manner be?
  • How would I use my words?
  • What can I do— right now—that would be like if I had it, and it was a night like tonight?
  • What are the next steps?


Don’t ask anything.

Simply notice the chatter.

Wait for it to notice you noticing it,

Then let it be quiet.

Then do the deep, deep breaths.

And you will hear/see/notice segments becoming available to you. Like downloads/visions. You’ll hear it/see it/know it.

Don’t try.

The angle to enter with would be: Okay, I’m here, what was it you wanted to talk about?

And then listen. Listen and you will hear the next steps.

Just try it and see if you have a similar experience.

The feeling is for things to actually change, we—ourselves—have to change. And, that if we really want the change we say we want, our experiences will change, so go—and you’re doing it.

Do things differently to get better results, basically.

The cool part is—in these sessions/meditations—you’ll likely discover that the shifts you need to make require only a few degrees. You just needed a little space to see the full scope.

A few degrees more focus as you produce.

A few degrees more attention as you visualize

A few degrees more receptive as you flow with the creative process.

Energetic shielding creates this space to experience this receptive state, where cosmic intelligence can assist with anything you’re trying to create, whether that is wealth, creative projects, healthy relationships or just an authentic self.

It’s like receiving an unbiased business coach with insight to exactly what you’re capable of (and what you always knew you were capable of).

How you tweak the nuances of energetic shielding is character dependent, but you definitely should.

What the world needs now is a little more solution-oriented financial perspective, and by protecting your own little section of the world first, the energy at large—as it does—shifts.

To read more notes like this visit: www.outerinner.space

Outer Inner  Space
Outer Inner Space
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