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Your Urine May Indicate Whether You Have Prostatitis

Prostatitis and Urine State

By Amanda ChouPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Your Urine May Indicate Whether You Have Prostatitis
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The prostate is a male-specific accessory organ, and its secretion of prostatic fluid is an essential component of semen. But the prostate is fragile, and easy to get sick. The most common diseases are prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. However, a survey shows that more than 80% of men have never had any prostate examination in the past five years, and prostate diseases are easy to be ignored.

Your urine will tell you whether suffering from prostatitis.

1. Difficulty in urinating

Over time, patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia will have symptoms of urinary hesitation. Prostatic swelling tends to compress the urethra (the passage through which urine is discharged from the bladder). Later, urination becomes more and more difficult. Generally, after a long time, there will be pressure in the urethra, leading to difficult urine excretion.

The hypertrophy of the prostate may cause urinary retention symptoms, making you unable to urinate. The bladder will swell, and people will suffer from pain. Because it can potentially damage the kidney, so treat it urgently.

2. Low urine flow

After the enlargement of the prostate, it takes a long time to empty the bladder. Because the urine flow is weak, it takes a long time to urinate. If part of the urethra is blocked due to prostate enlargement, only a tiny amount of urine can be discharged from the bladder, resulting in a small amount of urine flow. At this time, it takes a long time to empty the bladder.

3. Urgent urination

Urgent urinary incontinence is a common problem caused by prostatic hypertrophy. Usually, the bladder nerves can't receive the brain signals, so they suddenly want to go to the toilet and feel uncomfortable. It is also called a spastic bladder. The spasmodic bladder may be a symptom of urinary tract infection or diabetes, so you should seek medical advice immediately when you have urgent urinary incontinence.

4. Leakage of urine

Urination may be uncomfortable, but to ensure that urine has been discharged, most men generally shake and then lift their pants. Later, you may be surprised to find that urine leaked on your underwear.

The urethra is more than a tube. Prostate enlargement compression urethra, urine rheology hours, urine will be stored in the upper urethra. Even if you feel that you have finished urinating and the bladder is empty, discharge excess urine after urination.

If you have these urine problems, it is recommended to check and diagnose the urine as soon as possible actively. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eliminate bladder irritation, and stop the patients with such diseases as urethra swelling, pain, urethra burning, tingling, itching, dripping, frequency of urine, the urgency of urination, and pain of urine.

How to prevent prostatitis?

1. Avoid drinking and eating a large amount of spicy food

The number of patients with prostatitis is increasing. People who want to prevent prostatitis should develop good living habits. They should develop the habit of cleaning the vulva. Some men think it is unnecessary to clean the vulva, but both male and female reproductive organs are very susceptible to bacterial infection, which leads to other diseases.

2. Have a regular sex life

Sexual life is an integral part of husband and wife life. Harmonious and happy sex life is the natural need of both men and women's physiology and an essential means to maintain physical and mental health and enhance the relationship between the partners. To master the controlled and regular sexual life or moderate frequency of masturbation and regularly discharge prostate fluid can relieve the feeling of prostate swelling, promote the constant renewal of prostate fluid, and help the prostate's normal function and the rehabilitation of patients with abnormal prostate function.

At ordinary times, men should pay attention to self-care, strengthen physical exercise, prevent cold, actively treat infection in other parts of the body, and improve the body's resistance.


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