Yoga When You're Sick

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Stay active even when you're under the weather! Easy beginner's yoga poses that can be done inside.

Yoga When You're Sick
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Despite the warnings, I traveled eight hours by car to Georgia. Coronavirus was not going to stop me from attending my little sister’s gender reveal party.

And of course, I got the flu!

Luckily, my job go ahead of the game and already granted us an extra week of paid sick time! That means I have been able to stay home and focus on myself to avoid getting others sick. By the way, I have been so much more inspired. Hence, my frequent posting lately.

Sidebar: My day-job has had me really low lately. Emotionally, I can't stand that place anymore! This time off has given me insight into what it might be like if I finally cut the chord and make a career change. I would have to take an insane pay cut, but I can't make money at all if I get shipped off to the hospital again.

THAT'S a story for another time.

Also during my time off, I battled the sniffles, coughing, body aches, and chills that wouldn’t quit even buried beneath three blankets and a robe. I could feel my body turn in on itself as it got to work fighting off the germs.

When we get sick, it’s easy for us to lay in bed and wait for it to pass. That’s especially so when we are under quarantine during this insane pandemic! However, that could cause the icky feeling to last longer!

For me, the achy joints lingered long passed their welcome period. I don't like to be dosed up on meds all the time, especially acetaminophen found in most cold and flu medications. I finally gave in and rolled out my yoga mat!

Even when you are sick with the flu or a cold, it is important to remain somewhat active. Since it’s not always an option to go out for a run or visit the gym, at-home work-outs are perfect!

For those who are particularly ill, simple yoga stretches can make a huge difference! Roll out your mat and start by finding a comfortable seat.

Whether you are sick or not, the neck and shoulders become tense throughout the day and even as we sleep. Let’s stretch those out!

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Seated cat/cows are perfect to warm up the spine. The arch from the left to the right to light up the side body.

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Finally, let’s stretch the hips and legs. Spread the legs into a comfortable “V” shape. Reach for the right toes and then the left. Stretch forward to further open the lower back.

Bring the legs together and do a final forward fold. This should loosen the muscles in the legs. For those experiencing the sniffles, this pose could get some things moving in the sinuses.

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Repeat these stretches every day your symptoms persist! These are great beginners yoga stretches to add to an everyday practice.

Don't let COVID-19 and self-quarantine get you down... Practicing yoga is a healthy pastime that is great for the body and mind! All you need is yourself, a couple minutes of time, and a bit of space in your home.

These postures can be done sitting on a chair or even standing up. Yoga is perfect even if the floor is not an option. Try side stretches from the couch. Even forward-folds can be done standing up.

There is literally no excuse to skip a workout during quarantine! Not even for me. Yoga is a great way to stay active while cooped up inside. It is also known to reduce anxiety and improve the mood, which is something we can all use during this scary time.

This is just one of many ways practicing yoga is good for the mental and physical well-being of our bodies. Stay tuned for more great benefits of yoga as the main form of physical fitness.

Darienne Lewis
Darienne Lewis
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